Concepts for the future of air travel: vibro-wings and scarecrow drones

At the end of May, a competition among engineers and future designers offering their vision of the future of air travel will end in Hamburg. The winners will receive a prize of € 30, 000.

The Multifun team at Delft University in the Netherlands came up with the idea of ​​harnessing the energy generated by the natural vibrations of the wings of a liner during flight, for which they need to be covered with composite leather. Piezoelectric fibers collect energy into special batteries built into the fuselage. After that, it can be used to power auxiliary onboard systems.

Their rivals from the Birdport team developed the concept of drones acting as a scarecrow, driving birds away from the runway area. Drones will use certain sounds and decoys to divert flocks of birds to the side, thereby reducing the likelihood of collisions with aircraft.

The Retrolley team from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) was attracted by the idea of ​​recycling the waste of passenger liners after the flight. To do this, they have developed a special trolley where waste will be sorted and disposed of by minimizing the volume of foil, paper and plastic. Liquid waste will also be collected there.

Meanwhile, a system developed at Northwestern Polytechnic University in China offers motion detection technology, infrared and visible information to alert pilots and ground workers to obstacles.