WWII bomb caused mass evacuation in France

Seventy-year-old weapons of mass destruction caused quite a stir in France. A group of workers while laying a new metro line in Rennes discovered an old bomb weighing 250 kg. The bomb was in the ground next to the city hall. More than 3, 000 people were forced to evacuate from their homes.

According to the mayor of the city, the sappers have already defused the device, which still contained 70 kg of explosives. People evacuated within 300 meters will now be able to return home. Such a legacy was left by the Second World War: countless unexploded bombs are still scattered throughout the continent.

Despite what happened in France, Germany remains the leader in the number of hidden bombs. Every year, some 1, 800 tons of old explosives dropped by the Allies during World War II are found there.

Every year it becomes more difficult to defuse old unexploded bombs. And although cases of accidental death from such destructive weapons are quite rare, this still happens - at the beginning of this year in Germany, an excavator driver died during excavations.