The Russian Army will soon be equipped with "underground scouts"

The unique device was named “robotic small-sized monitoring system 1K44”. The system is equipped with ultra-sensitive underground sensors that collect a large amount of information about the enemy's equipment and weapons, while remaining invisible to him.

In particular, the 1K44 complex unmistakably determines the type and quantity of enemy vehicles and even low-flying helicopters. He will accurately “name” the number of servicemen in the area of ​​“his responsibility”, determine the type of their weapons and indicate the direction of movement.

1K44 can successfully operate in combat conditions, for which it can be installed seismic, acoustic, magnetometric sensors in combination with infrared devices.

One of the many advantages of the 1K44 system is its stealth. Its dimensions are about 20 cm in length and weight from 150 to 600 grams (depending on the combat configuration). 1K44 is buried in the ground at the enemy's location, from where he transmits information to the operator's console.

The "underground scout" is not afraid of 50-degree heat, 40-degree frost and torrential rains. Thanks to the lithium battery, the complex is reliably supplied with power for a month during intensive work - up to 2000 operations per day.

It remains to add that the author of the unique Russian development is the Sozvezdie concern, one of the divisions of the United Instrument-Making Corporation.