Taku-Tanku - portable mobile home

Many people cannot imagine their life without travel. But during long journeys, you need to live somewhere, so Stereotank has developed the Taku-Tanku portable mobile home. It has a small size, and its low weight allows it to be towed even with a bicycle.

The house is designed by Stereotank in collaboration with Takahiro Fukuda for the Little House Competition this year in Saitama, Japan. The house consists of two 3000 liter water tanks connected by a wooden ring. The entrance door and sunroof are located in the same wooden part.

Taku-Tanku's goal is to be compact and affordable. Inside the house can accommodate two or three people, as well as luggage and belongings. Solar-powered LED lamps provide interior lighting. For movement, a two-wheeled trailer is used, which can carry vehicles from a bicycle or car to a boat. The house is easy to assemble on your own, and it is quite suitable for living in a wide variety of natural conditions.

Stereotank is currently looking for a sponsor to build a Taku-Tanku prototype. It is expected that its price will not exceed 8-10 thousand dollars.