Tests of Russian anti-helicopter mine completed

According to the head of the engineering service of the Russian Air Force, Colonel Khazov, the anti-helicopter mine (PVM) is the latest domestic development that has no analogues in the world. In the very near future, it will go into service with the Russian army.

An anti-helicopter mine is necessary to destroy helicopters and other aircraft at an altitude of 200 meters. Its mechanism is represented by a high-frequency infrared sensor, an acoustic system and a combat module. Target detection is carried out by the acoustic system, after which the FDA is deployed in the direction of the target. Then, using an infrared sensor, the trajectory of the target and the moment of the detonation of the combat module are determined.

For direct destruction of the target, a cumulative shock core is formed, which affects the engine, blades and the upper hemisphere of the helicopter. The mine is equipped with anti-handling and self-destruction devices. The latter is triggered after a certain time. At the same time, FDA is absolutely safe for vehicles and manpower.