Austrian company Johammer has developed a unique electric motorcycle

The uniqueness of the electric motorcycle Johammer J1.200 is given at once by several know-how. It's worth starting with the original design. The new item does not have a dashboard - its function is performed by an indicator display built into the rear-view mirror.

When creating the frame of the electric motorcycle, a cantilever front suspension system was used. Thanks to her, it was possible to significantly reduce vibration on uneven roads and avoid dynamic diving during braking.

And yet the main source of pride for the creators of the Johammer J1.200 motorcycle is a battery with a capacity of 12.7 kWh, which provides a 200-kilometer run without recharging with a maximum speed of 120 km / h. This maximum speed does not match the speed of the world's fastest electric motorcycle, but it is quite enough for a comfortable ride. The electric motor is located in the rear wheel hub. At the moment of braking, it works like a generator using the principle of energy recovery.

The brake levers are placed directly on the steering wheel, which completely frees the legs from participating in the control, thereby providing them with comfort and rest while driving. The estimated price of the novelty is 25, 000 euros.