Rolls-Royce begins development of drone ships

The concept of "drone" takes on new terrestrial and sea outlines. Rolls-Royce's naval division in Alesund, Norway, has recently begun building a prototype pilotless dry cargo ship's command cabin.

The creation of such vessels, according to the developers, is a matter of the next 10 years. To begin with, the area of ​​their navigation will be limited to the Baltic Sea. The advantages of a dry cargo vessel without a crew are a 5% weight reduction and a 12-15% reduction in fuel consumption. In addition, there is no need to pay the crew, which is another 44%. During the voyage, the captain himself will be on the shore at a specially equipped command post.

However, it is still worth listening to the skeptics. In their opinion, the new project will require huge investments and a thorough revision of international maritime legislation, which strictly regulates shipping standards. In addition, one should not discard extreme situations when the experience of "living" professionals is likely to be required. As with the really big ships. But there is another serious danger - hackers, who may well become a new kind of sea pirates.