Mattro has developed an "off-road chair"

We often hear admonitions that it is time for people to get out of their comfortable office chairs and generally spend more time outdoors. Mattro Mobility Revolutions took this trend too literally and developed a self-propelled track seat that can ride over rough terrain with ease.

The chair called Ziesel (translated from German - gopher), is designed to move on all types of surfaces. Nevertheless, its creators especially note the possibility of using the device at ski resorts for patrolling, baggage transportation and rescue operations.

The Ziesel is driven by two electric motors that produce a considerable 400 Nm torque and accelerate the seat to a maximum speed of 35 km / h. It is powered by a 96-volt lithium-ion battery, which by the way has an automatic heating system for starting at low temperatures.

The chair is controlled by a joystick and a lever located on the armrests of the chair. The driver is held in place by a four-point seat belt and a steel frame protects him from tipping over.

The Ziesel weighs 210 kg including the battery. The price of this unusual vehicle is not yet known.