Rubbee. Electric bike in seconds

Surely many would not mind having an electric bike, but not everyone is ready to buy a second one for this or convert a regular one into an electric one. It is for such people that Rubbee was created. This is an electric drive that can be installed on any bike in a few seconds and removed just as quickly.

The Rubbee snaps under the seat and sits over the rear wheel of the bike, while the shock absorber presses the roller firmly against the tire. By the way, the roller itself is made of a "special polyurethane mixture", which provides reliable grip and at the same time does not wear out the rubber too much.

The device is powered by a 14.4-volt battery with a capacity of 280 W / h, which is fully charged from the mains within two hours. Rubbee is able to accelerate the bike to a speed of 25 Km / h, and the battery will last for 25 Km paths. The device weighs 6.5 Kg.

The project is currently raising funding for Kickstarter. The target price for Rubbee is about $ 1000, and shipping outside the UK will add another $ 70 to the cost.