Space science ship for the sea

Alas, today humanity knows much more about the Moon and Mars than about the depths of the oceans. He is very reluctant to let a person into his limits, having prepared for him innumerable dangers - hurricanes, cold, sea predators, monstrous pressures and treacherous currents. You can get to know the ocean only with the most modern scientific and technical equipment.

French architect Jacques Rogerie developed a project for the Ocean Research Center - SeaOrbiter, which is more like a spaceship. It is assumed that the team of scientists of the Center will work in several main areas at once.

  • Observing the migration of seabirds, studying the life of the inhabitants of the sea and conducting long-term meteorological research;
  • Surveys above the sea surface using manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, for which the ship has a specially equipped platform, a decompression chamber, as well as energy sources - solar panels and wind turbines;
  • The Water Segment is designed to explore the life of the deep dwellers. It is equipped with special tanks for research and transportation of living organisms;
  • The underwater part of the Center includes an underwater hangar for two people and two autonomous underwater vehicles capable of diving to a depth of 6, 000 meters. They will be used to search for various forms of life, including bacteria and viruses, which can be used in medicine;
  • A communications center "Nemo" will be provided on board the research vessel, where all information and a broadcast studio will be concentrated;
  • The 6 crew members will settle in a sealed underwater area at a depth of 100 meters, where they will be able to conduct numerous scientific experiments.

The main drawback of SeaOrbiter is its $ 48 million price tag. But thanks to the French crowdfunding site KissKissBankBank, Jacques Rogeri and his team managed to raise $ 475, 000. Therefore, they will be able to start building the Center this year. Then, with the help of full-fledged investors, the company hopes to attract the full amount to the project. It is planned to complete the construction of the ship by the end of 2016.