What is - exercises for the mind that allow you to curb your consciousness.

There are several types of meditation. (focus on an object, bodily sensation, or a specific thought).

Today we will take a look at breathing meditation.

What is needed for - an increase in concentration, the acquisition of the ability to deeply relax, an increase in the density and volume of gray matter in the brain, a decrease in anxiety and fatigue.

When to meditate - in your free time when nothing will distract you, ideally after waking up.

Where to meditate - in any convenient, quiet place with a comfortable temperature.

How to Meditate:

1. Sit in a comfortable posture with a straight back, lotus position is best because of the stable body position.

2. Align breathing.

3. Focus your attention on the sensations that arise in the upper lip and nostrils when air passes through them.

4. When extraneous thoughts begin to come to your mind - return to breathing and observe your sensations.

5. You can start with meditation sessions of 5 minutes and increase the duration over time.

How to track progress:

Observe yourself, if you have increased concentration and clarity of consciousness - you are on the right path.

Use mobile apps for meditation like Calm.

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