In the 21st century, having knowledge means effectively managing your own life.

In the modern world, financial literacy is the main tool with which a person is able to create his ideal life.

Everyone knows that information is the key to success. But now, people daily pass through themselves a huge flow of information, which is quite difficult to manage. A person can spend too much time trying to figure out where the information is true and where it is false on his own.

Modern technologies allow a person to earn money with invaluable knowledge without leaving home. This significantly saves resources such as time, effort and money. The question remains "How to get the cherished knowledge?"

High-quality education at an affordable cost, it is possible not only to get it on the Teachmecash platform, but also to start using it effectively, earning on the acquired knowledge.

What is the Teachmecash platform?

The project is designed to give you the most reliable information and at the same time allow you to make money on it.

It is an information and analytical platform, the main goal of which is to provide an opportunity for anyone to become financially literate.

TeachMeCash trains and conducts market research on edtech topics. Analytics are sent to the company for which they were collected, and the people who completed the research are rewarded for answering honestly.

How can you earn on knowledge?

In order to start making money on the TeachMeCash platform, you should complete only 3 steps:

  1. You need to subscribe to access the tutorials.
  2. Study the received digests and complete training.
  3. Participate in focus groups, social surveys, or market research.

You will receive money for every question answered.

From you, the company receives not only an answer to a question or participation in a study, but a full opinion on your experience of using educational products on the EdTech platform.

You are able to change not only your life, but also help thousands of people get high-quality reliable knowledge.

Benefits of TeachMeCash

  • Materials in various languages ​​

You will be able to watch master classes created by the TeachMeCash platform in English, Russian and Chinese.

  • Opportunity to earn fast

Get a decent reward 2 weeks after subscribing.

  • No specialization required

An opportunity to earn decent money without special education.

  • Security

Customer safety comes first. The platform has a microservice architecture.


Reviews from users from different countries are posted at the bottom of the main page on the official website of the company. Also, absolutely honest Teachmecash reviews can be found on the Internet.

But, in fact, it is not surprising that this project really provides high-quality knowledge and makes it possible to make money on it. After all, the activity of any company depends on satisfying the needs of its customers, and platform subscribers, on their own experience, identify the pros and cons of educational materials. As a result, the company improves the product, and the subscriber receives improved knowledge and a decent payment for his own opinion.