Features of the electric bike

In the age of electrification, some motorcycle manufacturers are beginning to adapt to market needs and release their own models of e-bikes. The young MYBRO team, which produces powerful electric bikes in Ukraine, also followed this path, as a result of which very successful models with a good cruising range appeared.

Travel range and power

Despite the apparent prostate, electric motorcycles have an impressive arsenal. Manufacturers have managed to achieve an impressive power reserve from a full-size scooter. So, according to the manufacturer, the mileage on one charge is 160 km. Such indicators were achieved thanks to a massive 94 Ah battery and a proprietary recuperation system. After each pressing on the brake, the electric wheel stops consuming energy and, on the contrary, starts producing it, thereby recharging the battery. In addition, the electric motor produces 74 Nm of torque, which is an impressive figure for this type of equipment. In terms of power, depending on the version, the motorcycles are equipped with 26 or 48 hp motors, but the torque remains unchanged.

Dynamics and control

Despite the fact that a powerful electric bike can travel 160 km on a single battery charge, it has a very dynamic character. The element is dynamic short-distance driving. Thanks to the high thrust of the motor, the motorcycle accelerates to the first hundred kilometers in just 6, 2 seconds. And when starting from a traffic light, he is able to leave behind even liter sports bikes. The electric motor, unlike gasoline units, responds instantly and even from zero kilometers gives out all its power. It is not inferior to the dynamics and controllability of such a bike, thanks to the low center of gravity, it is at a height here. In addition, the engineers perfectly tuned the chassis, thanks to the maxi scooter, the scooter handles perfectly, both on narrow city streets and at high speeds.


The creators of this line of electric motorcycles have not forgotten about the comfort of their passengers. The seating position of the driver is comfortable, the back remains completely straight, and the legs are extended forward. We also took care of the storage space, in the front panel there is a spacious glove compartment, where the phone and other small things can easily fit, and there is a place for a full-fledged helmet under the seat.


The electric bike can be charged either from a regular outlet or through a quick charge adapter. The kit includes only a conventional charger, which copes with its task in about four hours.