How to lead a healthy lifestyle

Who among us did not want to be healthy? I don't think there are any. Then why are there so many sick people now? What are we doing for a healthy lifestyle? Given that everyone knows what to do, have there been fewer sick people? For most of us, words and knowledge about a healthy lifestyle are still just words and knowledge. And our main enemy in the fight for health is our laziness. Laziness - mother gives rise to idleness and parasitism. So what can you do? Let it take over you or still get rid of it and start a new life without it. The best cure for laziness is interest. Agree, when you are very interested, laziness disappears somewhere. Therefore, make a healthy lifestyle interesting and you will succeed.

Here is our new motto: NO - to lying on the couch and despondency, YES - to exercise and fresh air. Knowing that stress is the number 1 enemy for the body, drive away any worries from yourself, do not be nervous, learn to perceive reality easier, more positive emotions and victory will be ours!

A healthy lifestyle will help us realize our plans, cope with overload, live a long and healthy life. It's not for nothing that when we meet, we greet and wish you health. This is more that a person can wish for!

We need a good immune system to be healthy. Active, mobile, cheerful people have much higher immunity than weak, passive and rude people.

Fundamentals of Immunity Enhancement.

1. Proper nutrition. Be sure to consume proteins (meat, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, nuts, legumes, eggs), probiotics (onions, garlic, bananas), and other healthy foods.

2. Exercise. Even 40 minutes a day makes a person healthier.

For example, abdominal exercises improve the functioning of the digestive tract and genitourinary system, push-ups - the work of the heart and lungs, etc. Morning exercises should be as natural for us as washing our hands before eating. You can also simply, actively relax on the weekend. Buy a bike or rollers for yourself, and better for all your family and spend your time usefully, and not lying on the couch.

3. Vitamins such as D (eggs, milk, salmon), vitamin C (fruits, vegetables), A (tomatoes), trace elements. For example, zinc has antiviral, antibacterial effect, it is found in seafood, grains, brewer's yeast.

4. Hardening. These include air baths, water procedures, rubdowns, douches.

5. Drink tea.

6. Rejoice.