70 best educational films

70 best revelation films. What are they teaching?

12 - It's time to realize and change

127 hours - Survive a hopeless situation

1 + 1 - Be optimistic

99 francs - Advertising is the big game of corporations

Avatar - You Can't Buy Real Life

August Rush - Music Around Us

Ali - Fight for Rights

American Story X - Malice - Baggage Too Heavy

Angel-A - Angels are always there

Baraka - Beauty of the World

Fight Club - Get Rid Of Fears And Empty Bindings

Big debaters - Be able to speak

Conversations with God - Faith in yourself and God

Into the wild - Dedicate your life to yourself and your dream

The Pursuit of Happiness - Succeed at any cost for the sake of your children

Vanilla Sky - Reality is not always real

Spring, summer, autumn, winter ... and again spring - Calm

Time - Time is like money

Always say "Yes" - Every moment is an opportunity to change

Gandhi - Great man, great deeds

Guide - History of the path of man to the level of a saint

City of Angels - Angels know how to love

Girl and Fox - People and Animals

Groundhog Day - Every day you can change your life

Memory Diary - Love Story

Home - The world around us is beautiful

Knockin 'on heaven - It's stupid to be afraid, because you can die at any moment

Zeitgeist - Politics Today

If only - A chance to relive everything

The Life of David Gale - Going Against Politics

Life is beautiful - Faith in the future

Pay another - You give more, get more

Mind Games - Reality is not real

Touching the void - Willpower

Where Dreams May Come - Colors of the World

Love is evil - The inner and outer beauty of a person

Matrix - What is reality

Bear - Nature and Animals

My name is Khan - Do the incredible for love

Reality-changing - Your future is in your hands

Changing Lane - Weaves of Fate

Slumdog Millionaire - Life Road

Peaceful Warrior - Life is here and now

On the crest of a wave - Everything has a price

The Invisible Side - Help

Invisible Children - Our Children

Caution! Doors close - Any action can change life

Island - Religion

In front of the class - No obstacles will stop you before the dream

Planet Ka-Pax - Other Worlds

The Shawshank Redemption - Always Be Human

Catch Me If You Can - Find a way out of any situation

The Last Samurai - Warrior in Mind and Soul

Beautiful green - A different look at today's world

Powder - Not like everyone else

Family Man - What is more important, work and love?

Your Own Man - Go Against Corporations

Sweet November - Life is not just work

Social Network - Business in the Modern World

Lifeguard - Lifeguard Life

Route 60 - Listen to Your Heart

Coach Carter - Training

Forrest Gump - Be You

Hachiko: The most loyal friend is the real friendship of man and dog

Brave Heart - Striving for Freedom

Healer Adams - Treat disease with a smile

Circus "Butterfly" - Everyone can be transformed

Che Guevara: Diary of a Motorcyclist - Discover the World

Equilibrium - The Importance of Feelings

Erin Brockovich - Reach the goal at any cost