Famous phrases from Soviet films (55 phrases)

Famous phrases from Soviet films have firmly entered our life, about 55 phrases.

‣ And you, Stirlitz, I will ask you to stay (17 moments of spring)

‣ And along the road - dead with scythes stand, and silence! (Elusive avengers)

‣ And you go to the accounting department !!! (Love affair at work)

‣ And can I give you another key to the apartment, where the money is? !!! (12 Chairs)

‣ Isn't it time for us to eat? (Winnie the Pooh)

‣ Abdullah, the customs gives the go-ahead! (White Sun of the Desert)

‣ A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. (12 Chairs)

‣ An attraction of unheard of generosity! (Big change)

‣ Will you beat me, dad ?! (Dog's heart)

‣ In line, you sons of bitches, in line! (Heart of a dog)

‣ The main thing is that the suit fits! (Sorcerers)

‣ Gentlemen, everyone is in Paris! (Heart of a Dog)

‣ chill out Vasya!!! (Only "old men" go to battle)

‣ Gulchatay, open your face! (White sun of the desert)

‣ It's a shame for the state! (White Sun of the Desert)

‣ Why do we need a blacksmith, we do not need a blacksmith (Formula of love)

‣ To live well! A good life is even better! (Caucasian captive)

‣ It seems like it is going to rain ... (Winnie the Pooh)

‣ Kisa, let me ask you as an artist artist (12 Chairs)

‣ The client has matured. (The diamond arm)

‣ I will command the parade! (12 Chairs)

‣ Komsomol member, athlete and just beauty! (Caucasian captive)

‣ In short, Sklifosovsky.

‣ Who goes to visit in the morning, he acts wisely! (Winnie the Pooh)

‣ Ku (Kin Dza Dza)

‣ Strike iron on the spot (Diamond Arm)

‣ I want Larisa Ivanovna (Mimino)

‣ The ice is broken, gentlemen of the jury, the ice is broken !! (12 Chairs)

‣ Lyusenka, dear, infection, these pasta surrendered to you! (Kin-Dza-Dza)

‣ My parents wanted a boy, but a girl was born (Love and Doves)

‣ Mula, don't make me nervous! (Foundling)

‣ We choose, we are chosen, as it often does not coincide ... (Big change)

‣ We are superfluous on this celebration of life (12 Chairs)

‣ Our people do not take a taxi to the bakery "

‣ I'm not guilty! .. He came himself! (The Diamond Arm)

‣ Don't bury yourself, Stirlitz! Don't bury yourself! (17 Moments of Spring)

‣ Well, who else wants to try the commissary body? (Optimistic tragedy)

‣ She loves to drink ... This should be used! (Hello I'm your aunt)

‣ Oh, lukewarm went! (The Irony of Fate)

‣ The power has changed again! (Wedding in a robin)

‣ Ostap suffered ... (12 Chairs)

‣ Saw, Shura, Saw (Golden Calf)

‣ You need to drink less, you need to drink less ... (Irony of fate)

‣ How much is opium for the people? (12 Chairs)

‣ Sorry for the bird (Caucasian captive)

‣ They will put you on, but don't steal! (Beware of the car)

‣ 15 Handset, 120 Scope (Robin Wedding)

‣ Fell, woke up - plaster cast

‣ Money in the morning - chairs in the evening, money in the evening - chairs at night ... (12 Chairs)

‣ Learn, student (Operation "Y" and other adventures of Shurik)

‣ King, nice to meet you, king! (Ivan Vasilievich changes profession)

‣ It's very good, but it's from a different opera.

‣ I'm all so sudden, ... all contradictory! (Carnival Night)

‣ I'm not a coward, but I'm afraid!

‣ I demand the continuation of the banquet (Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession)