The effect of excess salt on the body

Food is one of the main constituents of any human culture around the world. It is closely related to various rituals and customs. In addition, food is necessary for us to live.

Often, many people add salt to food to improve the taste or quality of food, despite the fact that many foods already contain it. This habit can significantly affect a person's health and worsen it noticeably.

In this article, we'll show you what excess salt in your food can do to your body and how to protect yourself from it.

What we believe

The body of each person is individual - this also applies to his reaction to salty food. In one person, the taste buds may be too sensitive, in another, on the contrary, the sensitivity is reduced. That is why each of us uses a different amount of salt, depending on the sensations and preferences.

Often, those whose receptors are less sensitive are greatly mistaken about salt and believe that there is not enough salt in the food initially. By adding salt to products already containing it, people create all conditions for the deterioration of their own health.

Research on this topic has revealed that excess salt in food negatively affects the liver and kidneys, causing them to become ill and high blood pressure. In order to avoid this effect, it is better to refuse a large amount of too salty food. Difficult, but what can't you do for your health?


As a result of numerous studies, it has been proven that increased food with a high salt content does not satisfy hunger, but, on the contrary, enhances it. Plus, salt is a very high calorie burner. Studies were carried out on astronauts, and found that a really large amount of salt consumed causes severe hunger.

In experiments on humans and mice, scientists have found that the amount of urine excreted increases even with low fluid intake due to the fact that the body needs to excrete excess salt. The normal course of natural processes associated with fluid balance is disrupted.

Salt protection

The body, in itself, is capable of perfectly protecting itself, but it is always better to help it with this. The body's defense mechanism will only work properly if we maintain healthy habits and accumulate them in ourselves.

This does not mean that the matter should only concern the use of salty food - it is necessary to take into account all areas of our life, although paying close attention to what we eat.

The body's defense system, of course, is incredibly strong, but significant harm can be done to it before it has time to remove all harmful substances. Do not lead to such consequences - try to eat as little salty food as possible, because, as we have already seen, even if the food seems bland to you, this does not mean that there is no salt in it. Remember that too much is backfiring.