Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are famous American robbers during the Great Depression. Bonnie and Clyde has become a household name for criminal lovers. Killed by FBI agents.

Bonnie Parker

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was born on October 1, 1910 in Rowena, Texas. When Bonnie was four years old, her father, a bricklayer by profession, died, and her mother and three children moved to a suburb of Dallas. Despite the fact that her family lived in poverty, Bonnie did well in school, especially doing well in literature.

On September 25, 1926, fifteen-year-old Bonnie, an attractive petite girl (with a height of 150 cm, she weighed only 41 kg), married a certain Roy Thornton.

In 1927, Bonnie began working as a waitress at Café Marco in East Dallas.

The relationship between the spouses did not work out. A year after his marriage, he began to disappear regularly for many weeks, and already in January 1929 they parted. Shortly after the breakup (there was no official divorce, and Bonnie wore a wedding ring to death) Thornton went to prison for five years.

Clyde Barrow

Clyde Chestnut Barrow was born on March 24, 1909 near Teliko, Texas. He was the fifth child in a family of seven or eight and his parents were poor farmers.

At 16, Clyde dropped out of school. He begins to work, but does not stay in any place for a long time. He is more and more interested in cars. Plays the saxophone. The police first arrested Clyde for stealing a car in 1926. A second arrest soon followed - after Clyde, along with his brother Buck, committed theft of turkeys. In 1928 he left home and moved in with a friend. A few months later, Clyde decides to start organizing thefts on his own. His first raid is on a game room in Fort Bend County, where he threatens with a broken pistol and disarms two guards. This is followed by a failed night burglary attempt. In late 1929 - early 1930, Clyde and Buck are wanted by the police in many cities, it is at this time that he meets Bonnie Parker. The 30s are the years of depression in the United States. January 13, 1930 Clyde Barrow walks into a Dallas eatery, shortly after his release from the colony - he is served by a cute blonde waitress, as yet unknown to anyone, Bonnie Parker. What happened between them? What kind of unknown force pulled them to each other? Love at first sight or a sudden outbreak of passion? Hardly: Perhaps Clyde seduced Bonnie with stories about the romance of a life of robbery, about unlimited freedom and power, which can be achieved with weapons in hand? This is closer to the truth.

Bonnie is tired of vegetating in a lousy cafe, she has long hated boorish customers and trays with dirty dishes. Bonnie didn’t want to work hard for a penny in a cheap eatery, be married to a poor worker, give birth to children who would then have nothing to feed. I wanted to add other colors to the dull everyday life. The variety did not work: Bonnie's life still remained monotonous, although the gray color changed to scarlet - the color of human blood ... "A little blonde lump", as Bonnie wrote about herself in her diary, excited exciting stories about the life of a reckless vagabond that Clyde told her. As a woman, she was of little interest to the leader of the gang. He changed his sexual orientation while still in prison and lost two toes under unclear circumstances. Bonnie was content with love affairs with other members of the gang. They fueled their friendship with stories of robberies and violent fights. Bonnie Parker Bonnie Parker But we would sin against the truth if we say that Clyde and Bonnie were cold and impassive. They were passionate about weapons. Together they often went out of town and organized a shooting range. Perhaps, accurate shooting from all types of weapons became the only science (Bonnie and Clyde were illiterate and did not even complete their primary education) in which they achieved excellence. The sweet couple loved to be photographed with weapons: Bonnie with a pistol in her hands and a cigarette in her mouth posed in front of the lenses. Clyde with a rifle in the photographs looked simpler - he lacked the artistry of his girlfriend. Bonnie admired the pistols her admirer carried in a holster under his coat and the power that came from the death-bearing barrels.

They soon began to work together. Their deadly odyssey began with the robbery of an arms depot in Texas in the spring of 1930. There they armed themselves to the teeth. The legend of the ‘Robingoods’, lightening the wallets of the moneybags, is untenable: the couple mostly robbed eateries, shops, petrol stations. By the way, in those days there was no way to make much money from robbing banks - the Great Depression raked out all the big money from the banks, and Clyde's gang sometimes got more by robbing a roadside shop. But sometimes even $ 10 was not collected at the box office. The scenario of robberies was usually as follows: Bonnie was driving a car, Clyde rushed in and took the proceeds, then on the move, firing back, jumped into the car. If someone tried to resist, he immediately received a bullet. However, they ruthlessly removed innocent bystanders as well. They were not just robbers, they were murderers, and on their account were both ordinary people like the owners of small shops and gas stations, and the police, whom Clyde preferred to kill to avoid prison. One day, the criminals kidnapped the sheriff, stripped them off and, having tied them up, threw them on the sidelines with the words: “Tell your people that we are not a gang of murderers. Get in the position of people trying to get over this damn depression. '

All the police forces of the city of Lawton were thrown into the capture of the gang, but after a fierce firefight in which Clyde's brother Bob was killed, the criminals managed to escape into the nearby forest. The bloody couple miraculously escaped the encirclement and moved to Texas to meet with Clyde's mother. Then they were ambushed: the sheriff's men had been following Cammy Barrow for a long time. Bonnie and Clyde received only scratches, but the car in which they ran away from the cops looked like a sieve from the bullets. Having licked their wounds, the Barrow gang again took the ‘main road’. And again the criminal terror was started: murders, car thefts, robberies. The FBI took over the hijackers. The head of department, Edward Hoover, called Clyde an enraged animal, all forces were ordered to fire to kill. The hunt has begun ... Bonnie and Clyde Texas Sheriff Frank Hamer still crossed the path of a love couple. He analyzed each of their attacks, created maps and diagrams of their movements over the years, studied all the places of the raids and the paths they chose. "I wanted to penetrate their devilish designs, " he said, "and I did it." For several months he and his assistants tracked down Bonnie and Clyde. But the criminals left right under the nose. Finally, the father of one of the gang members, Henry Methvin, in exchange for pardoning his son, offered his help in the capture. Henry Methvin gave the police the key to the house where the criminals were hiding. The house was surrounded by two tight circles of policemen, all entrances to it were blocked.

After the murder of the very first police officer who decided to check the documents of the suspicious couple from the car, there was nothing to lose: now they were probably facing a death sentence. Therefore, Bonnie and Clyde went all out and, without hesitation, fired at people in any situation, even when they were practically not threatened. On August 5, 1932, two police officers spotted Clyde at a village party. When they asked him to come, the bandit put both of them on the spot. A month later, while breaking through police posts on the road, the gang shot twelve law enforcement officers. Soon enough, more people joined their gang: Clyde's older brother Buck with his wife Blanche and a young boy S.W. Moss, whom they picked up at a gas station, seducing the "free life" romantics from the high road. And also Bonnie's lover Raymond Hamilton, to whom Clyde also showed special feelings ... Therefore, there was no unearthly love between Bonnie and Clyde by definition, although there was no doubt that they were really very devoted to each other: Bonnie at one time pulled Clyde out of jail by handing him a weapon on a date, and Clyde later, when the police detained Bonnie, fought off her friend by impudently attacking the police station. The murders aroused the bloody couple more than sex or alcohol. Whiskey was drunk at night, and Bonnie wrote pompous romantic poems in which she mourned her fate ... and amused herself with accomplices. They were united by the desire to live life cheerfully and brightly, and also brought together a pathological passion for murder: that Bonnie, that Clyde killed people because they liked to do it. One of the gang members, a certain Jones, said during interrogation: “These two are monsters. I've never seen anyone enjoy killing so much. ”

Once in Kansas, Bonnie first saw a poster "Wanted by the Police" with her picture. The fact that she and Clyde became "celebrities" shocked Bonnie so much that she immediately sent a dozen letters to major newspapers with pictures that she and Clyde took on their criminal path. Bonnie, by all means available to her, supported the version that she and Clyde were fighters for justice. After all, the banks they rob are owned by those in power, not poor farmers and small businessmen. Later, her works were published in the newspapers: The savage morals of the raiders, their unbridled passions and base desires terrified people. Of course, the police were constantly on the hunt for them. However, for the time being, Barrow's gang was incredibly lucky, and they managed to slip out of the most cunning police traps. However, it was not only a matter of luck. Bonnie and Clyde had absolutely nothing to lose, so any attempts by the police to get this gang came across a terrible leaden rain of ‘tommy guns’ ... At the very beginning of his criminal career, Clyde was arrested. The first time he escaped with the help of Bonnie, the second time the governor of the state succumbed to the tearful pleas of his mother and Clyde was released from prison on his word of honor (!). In 1933, when photographs of Bonnie and Clyde with the words 'Wanted by the Police' adorned the streets of cities in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, the thugs were identified by the owner of the house they had filmed.

On the morning of May 23, 1934, a stolen Ford appeared on the road. The driver was wearing dark glasses, and a woman in a new red dress was sitting next to him. In the car were hidden two thousand rounds of ammunition, three rifles, twelve pistols, two pump-action shotguns and: a saxaphone. And yet they had nothing to hope for. The sheriff's car moved towards them. Hamer got out of the car and ordered the bandits to surrender. Clyde immediately grabbed the rifle, Bonnie - the revolver. But they hardly managed to make at least one shot. Lead hail fell on the car. More than five hundred bullets hit the bodies of the gangsters, and they were literally torn to pieces, and the police continued to pour deadly fire on the riddled car ... video of the place of death of Bonnie and Clyde The first pages of American newspapers were full of reports of the death of Bonnie and Clyde. The mutilated bodies of the criminals were put on public display in the morgue, and those who wish for one dollar could look at them. There were quite a lot of curious people ... Photos of the killed bandits were published by all the newspapers. America breathed a sigh of relief. The inscription on her gravestone Bonnie reads: "As flowers bloom under the rays of the sun and the freshness of dew, so the world becomes brighter thanks to people like you."