10 signs you're an empath

Empathy (empathy) - the ability to subtly feel the emotions of another as your own. This is the ability not only to understand a person and sympathize with him, but also to fully penetrate his inner world and feel a specific situation on himself. A lot of people are empaths without even knowing it.

So here are 10 signs that you are an empath.

1. You feel the suffering of others

Empaths are people with big hearts. You find it difficult to look at someone else's pain, even animals, because it feels like your own. You put the needs of others ahead of your own. It is hard for you to watch the alarming news: you feel suffering and then you cannot come to your senses for a very long time.

2. You are an attentive listener

You like to listen, not talk. You listen to all the details to understand the situation, help solve problems, or simply enjoy someone else's success. Empaths are people who are able to penetrate the emotional state of another person and empathize with him.

3. People turn to you for advice

If people, even completely random people, can easily confide in you, ask for advice, you may be an empath. People are often looking for support and approval. They talk about their problems and you are willing to help them. Often times, you know the answers to their life questions. You often hear, “I haven’t said this to anyone before, ” even from the people you just met. They just subconsciously feel that you are the one who can help them.

4. You feel tired when you are in a crowded place

Empaths easily and quickly absorb other people's emotions, and therefore quickly get tired. You don't know how to block someone else's flow of emotions after being in crowded places. You feel drained and tired. You do not like empty talk and often seek solitude. Most empaths are introverts. But, they love and love people so much that sometimes it is unbearable for them to be in a crowd. To reboot and recover from the endless attunement to other people's waves, empaths need to be alone for a while.

5. You are very sensitive

Empaths have very keen senses. Bright lights, loud sounds, smells, or even someone's touch will have a profound effect on them. Empaths are like a highly sensitive, finely tuned instrument, especially when it comes to emotions. They, like a sponge, absorb someone else's anxiety, pain and anxiety.

6. You have a deep connection with nature

Many empaths have a spiritual connection with nature and the animal kingdom. Even animals are attracted to sensitive people who take care of them. This is why they often have more than one pet.

7. You are sensitive to tragic news and dramas

All you have to do is watch a news report about a disaster or catastrophe anywhere in the world, and you may feel the pain (psychological and sometimes physical) from this event. Violence and emotional dramas depicting shocking scenes of physical or emotional pain inflicted on adults. children or animals can easily bring you to tears. In life, if you see a homeless child, cat or dog, you feel guilty when you cannot help.

8. You feel physically ill of others

If you suddenly feel tired or unwell, and for this there is no apparent reason, perhaps the one with whom you have an emotional connection is sick. You are like a sponge soaking up someone else's physical pain.

9. You always know if a person is lying

You read people easily and therefore you always know if a person is lying. Empaths are gifted with reading body language. Even though you know the other person is lying, you don't always show it. Just stop intimate communication.

10. You try to help everyone

Empaths have big hearts. You want to help everyone who needs help. No matter what they did and how they feel about you. You cannot pass by someone's trouble. You feel responsible for the well-being of others, sometimes to your own detriment.

Empathy is a great gift if you know how to use it correctly, because in order to withstand the constant flow of someone else's emotional impact, you need a strong character, and most empaths are very vulnerable, shy and insecure people.