7 psychological tricks used by psychic charlatans

The topic of magicians, sorcerers and psychic abilities has caused heated debate at all times. There are those who sincerely believe that people with unusual abilities do exist.

Others claim that they are all ordinary charlatans who deceive people for the sake of money. They simply take advantage of the gullibility of others and, posing as psychics, earn good money on this.

But some magicians say truthful things. In any case, most people really see their life and their destiny in what is said. However, this is not magic at all. Scientifically speaking, this is the Forer effect (or the Barnum effect, also called "Why does your aunt still believe in the effect of astrology").

This simple technique is used by the so-called psychics and mediums to convince you that they can talk to the world of the dead, look into your soul and predict the future.

1. Statements that can be applied to everyone

In the middle of the last century, psychologist Bertram Forer did an interesting study: he handed out a test to his students, saying that it would help him determine the personality type of each of them.

However, instead of the declared individual characteristic, secretly from everyone, he handed out exactly the same text to each student. The cunning psychologist then asked them to rate how accurate these characteristics were. Most of the students said the characterization was absolutely correct.

Students' answers were largely influenced by the authority of their teacher.

In another study, students were presented with two tests with characteristics: one test had true characteristics, the other did not. Most of the participants in the experiment decided that it was the fake characteristics that were true.

As a rule, any information can be applied to your own characteristics, to those events that occur in your life. For example, if a psychic talks about a government house. It is quite logical that every person has one or another state house in his life: be it a place of work or study.

Or if you are described as a person. This information is usually mostly positive; a few negative characteristics will, nevertheless, be indicated to make the overall picture more believable, but none of them will be so terrible that you do not immediately reject this information.

This is a trick many psychics use. By making statements like these, they make you believe that they have access to incredible things, that they can really tell a lot about you. But in fact, they just tell you what you want to hear, and they do it in such a sophisticated way that you do not recognize this psychological trick.

2. They make you tell the charlatan important information about yourself

As a rule, most people who seek help from a psychic do it much more willingly than, say, when they visit the dentist. This psychological factor is also worth considering. For this reason, it is quite easy for the client to play along.

The charlatan simply begins to extract information from him, which he subsequently passes off as the one he supposedly sees himself.

All a psychic needs to do is start receiving information through leading questions. For example, he may state that the messages he receives are not very clear and somewhat blurred, and he needs the help of a client.

For example, quite often, during the sessions, a situation occurs when a psychic says something like the following: "I see in your family a person whose name begins with A or O, who is this?" The client readily provides all the necessary information: "This is Anna, my grandmother, who died 5 years ago." And it is not surprising that most of us so easily provide all the necessary information ourselves. After all, the psychic guessed the initial letter of the name!

“I may need your help here. So the letter A is your deceased grandmother? Yes, that's right, now everything is becoming clear. And under what circumstances did she die? "

Thus, by the end of the session, the client has actually done most of the psychic's work, because the person is ready to believe what he himself says.

3. They say things that will necessarily be true for at least one person

Recently, various shows have become popular on television, in which they are trying to convince a multimillion audience that real psychics really exist.

As a rule, a crowd of spectators gathers in the studio or on the set. And the psychic, falling into a special state of trance, begins to confidently say that he is in contact with spirits from the other world. Within a fairly short time, the charlatan manages to find a person who believes that he really talked with his deceased relatives.

Deception is easy to spot. It is enough to include a little logic. Pay attention to how these people always say something like "I see a male figure, someone named Alexander or Alexey, or some similar name."

Of course, in a large audience it is not difficult to find someone whose deceased relative's name would be Alexander or Alexey. Or, for example, a psychic will say: "I see someone from my relatives who died of heart disease."

Well, you must admit that at a time when heart failure is the leading cause of death in the whole world, there will certainly be one of the relatives who died for this very reason.

Just pay attention to what the so-called psychic says. Perhaps he simply speaks in general phrases, "adjusting" names, dates and some facts to someone's events. Very quickly, you will find that the person is simply saying something that suits the majority.

4. Are expressed in vague and unclear phrases

Sometimes the statements of the psychic are unclear and indistinct. They speak in veiled, not always understandable phrases. Such blurredness and indistinctness of statements is not accidental at all.

This is done so that in case of an erroneous statement, you can always turn everything in your favor.

5. Very subtly observe the reaction of a person in order to find out important details.

Have you ever noticed that the so-called magicians or sorcerers speak slowly and even somewhere very slowly?

There is a very good reason why psychics often speak slowly. And it's not just that the signals between our world and the afterlife are spreading, as they themselves claim, very slowly.

The reason for this slowness is much simpler: whenever they make statements, they wait for the person's reaction. All charlatan magicians are, first of all, excellent psychologists. They read information from a person quickly and easily.

Even if you do not speak something directly or do not finish, a good psychologist can read information from your body language. Sometimes we can be betrayed by a simple hand movement, facial expression and other gestures that treacherously allow a fraudster to extract the necessary information.

“No, he was not my uncle, I think you are talking about my cousin” - this seemingly simple and harmless information can untie the hands of a fraudster and encourage him to further dexterous manipulations with information that the client unwittingly gives out.

The observant charlatan will certainly take note of many other similar remarks. In addition, when he slowly says something, you can involuntarily nod in agreement or smile. An experienced psychologist clearly records all these moments.

What happens is something like the following: when you read something out loud that makes sense to your listener, and he nods in acknowledgment to you. Each of us can easily become an object for such a psychological reading.

It's like listening to someone's joke: you wait for the person to say something specific, and when he does it, you react. This is the whole point. The psychic charlatan simply monitors the reaction of the person.

In one of the popular programs, the famous entertainer and showman Keith Barry, thanks to some psychological tricks, successfully guessed the names of former lovers of women who agreed to the experiment.

Barry never revealed the secret of how he succeeded, but unlike other psychics who use these tricks, he is not trying to prove to the audience that he has super powers.

He simply read the reaction of the people with whom he communicated, thus, collecting bit by bit all the necessary information.

6. Look for little clues that reveal important information

People always exchange information about themselves with each other, even when they don't say a word. But every minute we tell some information about ourselves.

For example, an engagement ring indicates that you are in a legal relationship, have experience of living with the opposite sex, which means that you know how to compromise (after all, you cannot do without this in family life).

If a man is wearing a fresh, ironed shirt, most likely he lives with a woman, even if there is no wedding ring on his finger. If the young man is wearing some kind of awkward old-fashioned shirt, this suggests that he may still live with his parents.

As a rule, psychics are very attentive people, in addition, they train their observation and develop memory in order to be able to read information even from insignificant details.

Reading information is the key to better understanding people. You can learn a lot about a person by looking at their appearance, by examining what they are wearing, how they talk and gesture in conversation.

Psychics just know how to notice such details, as they are inherently wonderful psychologists.

Try to become that clairvoyant. Practice reading information from others. Pay attention to the clothes of the people around you and how they behave. You will begin to notice that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their behavior and studying their habits.

7. Just study in advance the information that they will need in their work

Psychics who work with an audience or even a small group of people can get their jobs done quite easily.

A simple trick, which they so often resort to, is to study in advance all the necessary information about the object, from which the information will supposedly be read later.

The psychic chooses someone he wants to focus on. The charlatan then has plenty of time to find clues that will help him figure out who he is dealing with. He may also try to get someone in the audience to talk to that person beforehand in order to gather as much information as possible about him.

In addition, today, thanks to various social networks, it is very easy to collect the necessary information about a specific person. It is enough to go to his page to find out his social status, where and with whom he likes to spend time and other details of his personal and work life.

If you are planning to visit a psychic soon, make sure to check your social media accounts. After all, it's enough just to drive your name into a search engine to collect a lot of different information about you.