Cute octopus Dumbo

The name Dumbo octopus is given to the creature in honor of Disney's eared elephant named Dumbo. The reason was the presence of fins that resemble ears. Scientifically, the octopus is called Grimpoteuthis.

There are approximately 37 species of these octopuses. They live in every ocean of the world. Not everyone can admire them: they live mainly very deeply, 3-4 thousand meters from the surface of the water.

Not much is known about Dumbo (or Dumbo), but it is believed that they are in danger of extinction.

The size of most of the adult representatives of the species is very small and does not exceed a little over 20 centimeters. The largest recorded specimen was the 180 cm octopus, which weighed almost 6 kg.

The creature has a body perfectly adapted to deep-sea existence. He has a soft "head" and 8 "arms" connected to each other by skin. On both sides of the "head" there are two ear ribs.

The female and male differ in the length of the suckers. In males, they are longer. Also, male octopuses have 2 tentacles used in the mating process.

Dumbo swims with the help of "hands" and ear fins. The body has harpoon prongs that hold the prey. When swimming, the octopus flaps its ears, contracts and expands its arms.

There are funnels on his body, which are also used for movement. Water is passed through them and shot back.

If necessary, he develops high speed in order to quickly overtake the victim. He runs away from predators no less quickly. All methods are used simultaneously or in turn, and the last of them allows the creature to develop the highest speed.

Dumbo's life takes place mainly at great depths, because practically no one hunts him. Sharks and killer whales are his main enemies.

It feeds on worms, crustaceans and bivalve molluscs living at the bottom of the sea. He swallows them whole, so he chooses specimens that do not exceed 2 mm in size.

Female octopuses are capable of laying eggs all year round. Newborn octopuses are responsible for themselves, as mothers do not take care of them.

Dumbo octopuses live from 3 to 5 years