Why do they shout “bitterly” at the wedding?

Why do you think it is customary to shout the word "bitter" at Russian weddings, as if giving a command to kiss the newlyweds? Let's figure it out together.

Note that parents can grieve from both the groom and the daughter-in-law, because some mothers and fathers find it difficult to realize that their child is getting married. But sometimes young people are not laughing - drunk guests constantly shout this word, forcing them to kiss each other endlessly.

This was a small digression. Now let's get back to our conversation today. There are several versions of this cry. One of them dates back to distant times, when our ancestors invented a game called "Hill". Its essence is as follows: in the courtyard of their own house, the parents of the daughter-in-law built a medium-sized snow slide, which they poured with water. The bride climbed to its top, and her friends were next to her. The groom had to make his way to his future wife through her friends to the shouts of "Gorka!" In order to give her a kiss. The friends of the young man and the girl also kissed.

However, there is another theory on this score. The betrothed walked around the guests with a tray during the festivities, on which there was a glass of bitter vodka. Those who drank the drink screamed "bitter" because the taste was appropriate. However, if the guest also put gold coins on the tray, then he was allowed to kiss the bride.