10 professions that cannot be learned

1. Bartender

Anyone can master the art of twirling a shaker with their little toe and blindfolded pouring exactly 34 g of vodka from a height of half a meter. But a real bartender is, first of all, a natural psychologist, and he earns his tip by the ability to listen and understand, and not to get drunk.

2. Host of TV broadcast of KVN

If your last name is not Maslyakov, you have no chance.

3. Trucker

The key (and indispensable) talent is to retain the ability not only to turn the steering wheel, but in general to at least somehow think, despite many hours of listening to songs like "Dalnoboy-playboy", "Knocked the engine" and "Driving-sycophant".

4. DJ on the radio

It only seems that it is easy to talk about nothing for hours. Try it, and you will definitely have to bring at least a minimum of meaning into your monologue. But that's why you won't be hired as a DJ.

5. IT specialist

6. Trainer

The motivation of people working with animals is inexplicable.

7. Model

We can say for a long time that they become models through the bed. But without the external data that provides stylists, photographers and rock stars with the desire to drag you to bed, there is nothing to do in this business.

8. Watchman in a state institution

Issuing keys and checking passes are far from the main thing in this profession. The main thing is the ability to prove to the visitor at one glance that he is insignificant. However, with this gift they are willing to take on any public position.

9. Toastmaster at the wedding

With pleasure, by his actions, a feeling of shame for what is happening in any sane person is capable only of an artist with concrete conceit.

10. Fitness instructor

How do people who rub five pairs of pants a year with their huge thighs serve as the ideal role model for fat clients who dream of winning the favor of the opposite sex?