Status of cats in Egypt

In Egypt, animal worship was a part of life. But the cat has always had a special place.

Luxurious temples were dedicated to cats in Egypt. The cat was praised by thousands of pilgrims. The cat was mummified. In the city of Beni Khasan, archaeologists have found a cat cemetery. 180 thousand cats were buried there. Mummies of cats were in gold and silver tombs, inlaid with precious stones.

In ancient Egypt, when a cat died, its owner shaved off his eyebrows as a sign of deep mourning. From a burning house, during a fire, the first thing that the Egyptians took out was a cat. For unintentionally killing a cat, you could easily pay with your own life! As a nocturnal animal, in Egypt, the cat was dedicated to the goddess of the moon, fertility and procreation named Basta.

Basta was the sister of the god - the sun god Ra, a woman with the head of a cat. The sacred cat of Egypt, which nurtured the Mountain, tears off the head of the Apepi snake, a symbol of evil and darkness, that is, sterility - a scene that is reflected in the 17th chapter of the so-called "Book of the Dead"

Egyptian priests built many analogies between the cat and the sun. First of all, these are the eyes of the Cat. The sun rises, the pupils of the cat's eyes become smaller. The sun goes down in the evening, the cat's eyes widen. When the Sun has disappeared, the cat looks at the world with wide pupils, round and luminous. The cat's eyes are two reduced suns. The cat's eyes are magic windows to other worlds, in which you can see a lot.