Guide dogs

The dog is perhaps the friendliest animal in relation to humans. It performs many functions - from security to decorative. For a long time already the dog has learned to help a person, for which we appreciate this animal. But if earlier dogs hunted with us, now there are ways to make life easier for people with problem health.

And after the First World War, schools even appeared in Germany that teach animals such a useful skill. This helped to compensate for the inconvenience of veterans who were blinded during the battles. In the 1930s, similar schools appeared in America and England. Smart breeds are best suited for the role of guide: German Shepherds, Labradors, Giant Schnauzers and Rottweilers. But training of other breeds is also allowed.

Guide dogs can also serve as guards. People often even envy blind people seeing a dog next to them. It seems that this animal not only helps its owner, but also protects him. In fact, puppies who show even the slightest signs of aggression are not accepted to guide school. The fact is that a blind person often has to contact strangers, turning to them for help. An aggressive animal may want to protect its owner and scare away, attack an outsider, sensing a threat in him. You should not want to see in such a friend not only an assistant, but also a guard. Let it perform one function, but efficiently.

Guide dogs lead their owners across the road. This is a very popular misconception. But the guide dog does not lead the owner across the road, focusing on the traffic signal. The animal is accustomed to leading a person to a crossing and stopping near a familiar landmark or near the side of the road. It is generally believed that dogs are color blind. In any case, they perceive colors differently than we do. Therefore, one cannot demand from them a reaction to this or that traffic signal. The decision of how and when to cross the road must be made by the person. And here there are several solutions. Some blind people try to determine by ear the approach of a car, while others ask for help from passers-by.

The most decisive put forward a hand with a cane and begin to move. It is good if the crossings are safe and equipped with sound signals. After deciding to cross the road, the person gives the command to the dog: "Forward!" And the animal begins to translate the owner across the road. Often ordinary people try to help a blind person in such a situation, but it is not necessary to attract the additional attention of the dog to themselves. You should not talk to her, lure her with food, iron, try to flirt. It is necessary to help a blind person, not to entertain his assistant.