If you imagine that instead of juice in a glass there is alcohol, the body gets drunk

Scientists have been talking about the miraculous effect of self-hypnosis and imagination on the body for a long time. Another proof of this statement was a new experiment.

French scientists spoke about the new study. It turns out that if you imagine that the juice in a glass is wine, the body will perceive the drink as alcoholic.

An unusual experiment began when 19 people were asked to rate their attractiveness in one of the bars. Those who drank more thought they were the most attractive.

After the survey, the scientists invited about 100 volunteers to participate in an advertising campaign for a fruit cocktail. One group of volunteers was told that the cocktail was alcoholic, others were told that the drink was fruity, non-alcoholic. The taste of the drink did not let people know if the drink was actually alcoholic.

The effect of this event was overwhelming. Those who drank the "alcoholic" cocktail really got drunk, the level of alcohol in their blood changed. But the second group, who thought that the cocktail did not contain alcohol, was mixed with alcohol. True, the alcohol content did not affect the group in any way.