20 weird customs that are considered normal in other countries

If you have already visited different countries, then you probably know that many forms of behavior, customs and social norms can be very different from those to which we are accustomed.

Moreover, many socially acceptable things may seem rather strange to you. For example, in some countries it is customary to leave a tip, while in others it may be regarded as a rude gesture.

So if you are planning to travel to other countries, it is helpful to learn about some of the norms and traditions.

1. Sniffing

In some countries, such as Japan, sniffing is considered acceptable but blowing your nose is frowned upon. In many Western countries, the opposite is true.

2. Invite everyone to visit

In South America, Asia and Africa, if you are throwing a party, even the bus driver gets an invitation. In Europe and North America, this is considered strange.

3. Nudity

In Finland it is perfectly acceptable to be in a sauna naked with strangers. At the same time, if you decide to strike up a conversation with a stranger at the bus stop, it will be considered strange. In other countries, the opposite is true.

4. Asking about age

In South Korea, you are one of the first to ask the age of a person, even a woman. This is done in order to know how to formally talk with the interlocutor.

5. Offer wine to children

In southern Europe, there is no such negative attitude towards alcohol. Likewise, it is quite normal to have a beer at lunchtime.

6. Sit in the front seat of a taxi

In some places this is acceptable, in others it is not, so it is better to ask the driver.

7. Live with your parents

In many non-Western cultures, it is normal to live with your parents all your life. Parents can provide for the children before the wedding, and after the wedding, the children provide for the parents.

8. Leave food on the plate

In some places, if you eat everything on your plate, it means that you are not full. If you haven't eaten enough, it may mean that you didn't like the food.

9. Tipping

Tipping is optional in many countries, while tipping is ubiquitous in North America.

10. Call the police to complain about little things about neighbors

This is considered the norm in Switzerland. If neighbors make too much noise after 10 pm, they may expect an unexpected police visit.

11. Taking an oath on the flag

In Europe, this behavior will be considered very strange.

12. Leaving your baby in a stroller outside while you are drinking coffee in a cafe

While this behavior may seem imprudent, it is quite normal in Denmark.

13. Stand in line

In most of the world, queuing is not accepted.

14. Holding hands

Men can hold hands, and this is normal in Arab culture and is not related to homosexuality. In many Western countries, this behavior is a sign that people are in a romantic relationship.

15. Thank the drivers when they get off the bus

In Ireland, this behavior was so ingrained that when buses added a second exit door, people still used the front door.

16. Throwing trash on the floor

Don't be surprised if you see this in Spanish pubs.

17. Call the waiter with the sound of a kiss

In countries like Burma, this is how the waiter is called.

18. Siesta

In southern Europe, virtually all shops close for a few hours at noon.

19. Point with one finger

This is considered rude in many places, so it is best to show it with two fingers.

20. Chomp and Squirt

In some parts of Asia, if you don’t eat it, it means the food wasn’t tasty enough.