Who are energy vampires?

Energy vampires can only be sympathetic to. They are very weak people. How to draw out some of the energy from another person?

Only by making him have strong deep feelings for you. Positive? Most probably not…

To do this, you need to work hard: build relationships, earn trust, do good deeds. It takes too long. And I hate it ...

An excellent option is to anger, get nasty, disgrace a person, take him out of his comfort zone and make him gnash his teeth with anger.

Much easier to implement - you just need to hook on time!

And the energy vampire raises a scandal. Insults you with the last words. Spits in your soul. Throws absurd accusations in the face.

He pesters with endless reproaches until you explode. The vampire shakes you. You are outraged. You are shaken to the core. You have tears in your eyes, your hands are trembling, your fingers are cold, the muscles of your face twitch involuntarily.

You feel that you have absolutely no strength left for anything: you can neither work, nor rest, nor do what could bring you back to normal.

You were "drunk" to the bottom. After a while you are surprised to find that your offender behaves as if nothing had happened, and even affectionate with you, and even asks for forgiveness.

He is pleased, he seems to be glowing ... It is easy to explain. The energetic vampire ate well at your expense. And after a hearty dinner, a person, as a rule, has a very complacent mood ...

Energetic vampires raise a storm in queues, harass relatives at home, make your life at work unbearable.

But they are not only scandalous and scandalous. The arsenal of their means of pumping energy is extremely rich. Others start an endless conversation with you about their sorrows and illnesses, complain, cry, whine. You sincerely express sympathy, give advice, listen and listen, but then you feel that it’s enough, already too much: the communication lasts too long, and you are tired, and your head is hurting, but it’s somehow indecent to leave the conversation, because the person is feeling bad, he’s support is needed, it will turn out ugly ...

And now you are already limp in your chair, nausea is approaching, you are pale, and your interlocutor speaks and speaks - turning pink, cheered up, well-fed ...

It happens that a vampire does not complain about anything, but simply tells - empty, meaningless, banal speech: long mediocre stories about how someone did something, got it, went somewhere, washing bones with common acquaintances, trivial considerations ...

You languish, toil, you are not interested, bored, dreary. But it is inconvenient to end this nightmare: after all, the vampire is benevolent to you, he is confidential, frank. And in general, he treats you well, does small favors, gifts, he is always friendly and welcoming - and the fact that once a day calls you to "whisper" or "smoke", so it's okay ... "It's okay!"

After a series of such conversations, people become disabled ... You can talk for a long time about the ways that vampires use to drain your energy. But, probably, it is not necessary. It is important to understand the principle of their action - then you, no matter how the vampire behaves, will unmistakably identify him.

Vampires always create a feeling of discomfort in you, always put you in an uncomfortable position, always cause you either an explosion of negative emotions, or latent irritation, or make you toil, languish, yearn in communication with him.

You are always uncomfortable, bad with such a person, you leave contact with him with relief and each time you find that your strength has diminished after that.

How to protect yourself from vampires? The most reliable way is to break contact, leave, and in the future do not allow this person to come close to you.

But this is not always possible. What if a vampire lives in a family? He is always there, and you cannot easily get rid of his presence. Therefore, a huge number of people suffer from family vampires. And here it is important to learn to remain calm when the vampire begins his "work".

This is the second, most important method of protection. When you are in a state of mental balance, at rest, you do not radiate towards the vampire, your energy is not available to him.

But do not be confused: not a demonstration of external calmness in response to insults and reproaches, but real peace of mind - this is what you need to achieve in dealing with a vampire.

It is difficult, but possible. Let everything through you.

And the realization that this person spewing curses or the one who pulls the soul out of you with whining or empty chatter can help you in this, is sick, he does evil unconsciously, he needs to be treated. There is no need for you to be annoyed, angry, hate - how can you be angry at rain, severe frost or heavy wind?

They just exist in our life, but also, seemingly from nowhere, diseases come to people and sometimes turn them into vampires. And such people should be treated, not hated.