These corners of the world are the least popular with tourists.

Sometimes countries that are quite worthy of attention, for some reason turn out to be completely unfamiliar to most tourists. If you love offbeat vacation destinations, you should definitely check out this list! It includes states that have a fairly low attendance.


This country is one of the least popular in Europe. In 2016, less than seventy thousand people visited it. However, the number has increased compared to the previous year. It is a corner between Austria and Switzerland, characterized by an impeccable landscape, ideal for an active pastime. Also, here you can admire the Vaduz Castle, which was built in the 12th century. The capital has a good gallery of modern art and a postal museum.


121 thousand people visited Moldova in 2016 - this is quite a bit. The former Soviet republic is located between Ukraine and Romania. In Chisinau there are medieval fortresses, Roman fortifications and an archaeological site, where exhibits from the Paleolithic era are presented. In addition, there are 142 vineyards in the republic!

San Marino

The least visited country in Europe is San Marino. Last year only sixty thousand people visited it. It is a state surrounded by Italian territory. It attracts with its historical center - the buildings here date back to the thirteenth century. You will see the fortress towers and walls, gates and bastions, as well as the neoclassical basilica built in the nineteenth century and the main square, which was included in the UNESCO heritage list in 2008.


This is one of the least popular Asian countries - just over two hundred thousand tourists visited it last year. At the same time, the country is considered one of the happiest in the world - more than ninety percent of people believe that they are satisfied with their existence. This is an amazing state, where you will see picturesque hills, crystal clear rivers, high mountains and green fields, where manual farming is still practiced. Getting here is not easy, but worth it.


It is one of the most populous countries in the world and one of the least popular with tourists. Bangladesh is often flooded, the population suffers from poverty, nevertheless, people still come here - those who are interested in hiking in the mountains or visiting a tea plantation. One of the prominent attractions is the Buddhist monastery at Paharpur.

East Timor

It is the least visited country in Asia. The eastern half of the island is surrounded by coral reefs and a virgin forest grows on the slopes - a great place for hikers who love hiking, diving and snorkelling. In addition, colonial buildings from the time of the Portuguese invaders have survived here, and there are unique drawings in the caves that are more than thirteen thousand years old!


This small country on the island of Borneo has a lush rainforest - you can swim along the forest river on a boat and admire the monkeys. In addition, the state is distinguished by unique examples of Islamic architecture. When visiting this country, you should remember that the state has serious punishments and even the death penalty, which may also apply to foreigners who do not profess Islam.


This state in Oceania is located on thirty-three coral atolls, stretching along the equator. The most attractive activities for tourists are fishing and diving, and you can also spend time on a private island.


This state in Oceania is the least visited on the entire planet. The country has no armed forces, crime is low, and there are no political parties. Many people did not even hear about this country until the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went there. The country is part of the Commonwealth - its head is Queen Elizabeth II.


This country is the least visited in the Caribbean. It is famous for its active volcano, which last erupted in the nineties. Tourists can go snorkelling, diving on the island, enjoy the quiet life in a small town. This island was once inhabited by the Irish, so St. Patrick's Day, which falls on the seventeenth of March, is very actively celebrated here.


It is difficult to choose the best island in the Caribbean, but Anguilla is definitely one of the leaders. However, getting there is not easy, so there are few tourists. In 2016, the island was visited by less than eighty thousand people.

French Guiana

This is the least popular destination in South America. This is French territory, so you will notice the influence of France in both coffee culture and cuisine, although there are traces of both Vietnamese and Chinese traditions here. In addition, amazingly photogenic buildings await you.


Belize is a unique place that was formerly a Mayan territory. In 1638 the British arrived here, for some time the country was a colony. Since 1973, the state has been called Belize. The official language is English. Visit the country to admire ancient landmarks and amazing nature.

Sao Tome and Principe

It is the least visited country in Africa. The state is located on two islands, oil is produced here and cocoa beans grow, but there are practically no tourists. The architecture from the time of the Portuguese colonialists makes this place especially interesting, but you can also go diving or fishing.


This is an archipelago near Madagascar. Here are the best coral reefs for divers, lemurs and bats live in the forests. In 2015, only 24 thousand people visited the country.

Sierra Leone

This country is rapidly becoming more popular. Great beaches, idyllic villages and smiling locals await you here.


This is a country where tea is very fond of and where there are more women than men. This African corner is definitely worth visiting.


The least visited country in the Middle East is Kuwait, a state between Iraq and Iran. It is a peaceful place where you can learn about Islamic art and enjoy the beauty of nature.