What can involuntary drawings tell you about your personality?

There are more of our drawings on the pages of books for notes than there are any notes. The symbol that you draw is of great importance in revealing your psychological portrait. Small drawings can also reveal your mood. The article describes the most common drawings and gives their psychological interpretation.


The eyes are known to be often depicted in drawings. They are the mirror of the soul, so people who have a habit of drawing eyes feel like people are watching them and invading their privacy. Such individuals are by nature observant and suspicious of other people. There are different types of eye images. Big eyes indicate that a person is an introvert, and closed ones symbolize sadness or rejection by society.


The person who paints flowers is a happy and positive family-oriented person. He also wants to reveal his emotions to others, displaying self-awareness and personal growth, just like flowers that should bloom. Pointed petals indicate that a person does not give the warmth of his soul. The flowers in the ruins tell us that the artist feels burdened, and the thorny rose depicts betrayal in love.


Spelling your own name suggests that you are a person who likes to be in the spotlight. If a person depicts his name constantly, then this signals some internal problems or an attempt at self-knowledge. If someone else's name is constantly being written, then it is obvious that you are, in a good or bad way, obsessed with that person. A large signature indicates that you feel more in the future. A small signature speaks of the weakness and invisibility of the person. A person using various types of signature is in search of his own self.


The heart symbolizes love, therefore the person depicting it is either a chant of love, or an ardent feeling visited him himself. The heart is often depicted in flames. This drawing interprets the divine light of love. If the heart is pierced by an arrow, then this symbolizes the pain caused by love.


Thinking about who draws the symbol how, it is safe to say that a clearer image is often Cupid's arrow indicating falling in love. Such a drawing can be complemented by an image of a heart. But a simple arrow characterizes the author as a person who has made up his mind in life.


Drawings depicting 3D shapes or cubes are constructive work. Drawing a three-dimensional cube assumes that its author sees all sides of the situation, and also possesses analytical thinking. Such an image can be interpreted as a feeling of fading at some action, as if a person is in the present, but plans something for the future. If you love drawing cubes, then you are organized and practical in life.

A stack of balanced boxes that might fall off indicates a stressful situation. Drawing a simple square suggests that you only see what is in front of you, in contrast to people depicting shapes in 3D. This person sees the whole situation from all sides.


Drawing at home suggests that you must ensure safety in life. A house on a hill indicates a feeling of loneliness. Doors or windows in a house say that a person needs other people to be around him. The smoke rising up the chimney indicates that the author has a positive outlook on life.

Stick figurines

You can judge a person's character by such uncomplicated images by such details as a smile or a sad expression on a stick. Sometimes such drawings indicate that a person is trying to find a solution to a problem, or he is in a boring mood, feeling stuck in a situation from which he wants to escape. It is also said that people who tend to draw shapes are focused and life-oriented, and are always in control of their emotions.


The state of mind of a person depicting a face can be assessed by analyzing the emotion that he gives to him. The usual round face suggests that a person is happy like a child. A person who paints beautiful faces is considered social. The image of an ugly face is associated with a bad character of the author or indicates that he feels threatened by the world around him. This indicates that the person is an introvert.