Wise quotes about life

Wise sayings bring meaning to our lives. When you read these lines, you feel how your brain is activated. Reading quotes from wise people about life, you can philosophize and reflect on your life and on the world in general.

● We live only once, although even this cannot be one hundred percent sure.

● Remember, you can always find something to do. Well, but life is a thing that has an ending.

● Life seems like a comedy when viewed from afar, but instantly turns into a tragedy when viewed in close-up.

● You can say that the term "life" refers to mountaineering. For birth is only the point of departure for our ascent. On this path there are a huge number of avalanches, dark trails, halts and obstacles, so not everyone reaches the end of the path. Most people stay somewhere at the starting point.

● What is life? Perhaps this is a vacation, only given to a soul in the next world.

● The struggle for existence is the most effective distraction from the course of life.

● I would like to live better and better, but we have to live more fun ...

A dog needs a dog's life, and a man needs a human life. The main thing is not to confuse ...

● Life is a chain of successive stages in the creation of a picture, and not a striving for the moment of its completion.

● Well, everyone already has modems, but there is still no happiness ...

● You can not forbid living a fun, but making it so that you do not want to laugh.

● In today's world, you have to be a terrible cynic to be optimistic.

● Now there is no need to torture people with a red-hot iron, because there is a huge amount of noble metals.

● Nowadays, people are not tortured with a hot iron. There are noble metals.

● Nowadays, it is rare to see a woman who, as a sign of greeting, holds out her hand with her palm down.

● Thought is like a woman. Thoughts are so varied, but their mysterious charm lies in their wrapper.

● What is talent? Talent is audacity molded into culture.

● All past and future is just an illusion. The only thing that really exists is the present, because it is reality.

● Everything has already been said, but a few more words can be found about all this.