China tourism: secrets for travelers

According to research by international travel companies, the People's Republic of China is one of the five most popular countries to visit. Every year the flow of tourists is growing inexorably. Many people choose to come to China on their own. They study materials that are available on the Internet in large quantities. Today, online you can not only get acquainted with the routes and sights of the Middle Kingdom, but also order tickets and hotel rooms. However, there are some moments in the life of China, which are not only rarely, but not mentioned at all. Faced with unexpected little things, the traveler can find himself in an uncomfortable, awkward and uncomfortable state.

So, what surprises lie in wait for tourists in China?

Before choosing dates to visit China, you should find out if these days fall on their holidays. The fact is that the Chinese "workers" do not have official leave. All of them rest only on public holidays - that is, designated holidays. During these periods, the multimillion people of the country amicably take to the streets and go on a journey. All the Chinese together ... Tourist attractions are teeming with crowds of onlookers, hotels are full, and the streets are not crowded. Even if you are lucky and the place in the hotel is not occupied, you will hardly be able to admire the surrounding beauty. The "pleasure" of being "carried away" by the crowd is not pleasant. To protect yourself from such adventures, you need to understand the Chinese calendar. It is lunar in the country, so some of the holidays are shifted relative to our dates. However, the May holidays correspond to our May Day - and this is the first week of May, plus the beginning of October - "Golden Week" is celebrated as China's Independence Day.

When booking a hotel, you need to look closely to see if there is an inscription: "only for citizens of mainland China." This phrase tells us that the hotel does not have the ability to register foreigners.

The country has a well-developed railway connection. The only condition is that it is better to buy tickets for travel around the territory of the state in about a month. Otherwise, you can not budge anywhere at all due to the lack of free seats. Conditions on high-speed trains vary by class. In the first class, the ride is much more comfortable than in the second, although their cost differs slightly. Platzkart cars are equipped with three rows of shelves. You can settle down at each level without fear - it is quite convenient everywhere. There is one more option on trains: travel "without a seat". This means that you will be allowed to drive to your destination while sitting on the floor (which will please the local aborigines).

It is also necessary to remember about the train departure timetable and plan enough time between landings so that there is enough time for the passage of the security service. Tickets and passports are checked everywhere at train stations. And first you need to stand in line where tickets are checked, then go through passport control.

Do not be surprised at stale bedding if you get on a carriage in the middle of its route: bedding is changed only at the end points. If you were in your place, someone could have gone earlier.

In China, public transport works great: buses, minibuses, metro and other means. To travel in buses, you need to have a change on the ticket, because change is not issued. Public movement in China freezes after eleven in the evening. For party-goers (usually not local) there is a night taxi.

A pleasant surprise awaits curmudgeons who do not like to tip. In China, it is generally not customary to leave them. Nowhere and to anyone! Even if you really liked the place and really want to thank the staff ... An invitation to dine with a Chinese on his initiative means that he will pay for you. If you are the owner, then 100 percent payment is expected from you.

Communication is the most difficult. No one in the country speaks English. Memorizing Chinese words and phrases is not worth it, because without the correct formulation of speech, no one will be able to understand you anyway. It is better to understand a few hieroglyphs in order to somehow order food. As a last resort, you can use the translator app on your smartphone. If you have a thermos with you, “starvation” does not threaten you: in China you can find hot water everywhere. This means that coffee, tea and noodles can be satiated.

Although the Middle Kingdom is riddled with the Internet, there are no most popular social networks on its territory, such as: Google, YouTube and Facebook. You should worry about this and their replacement in advance.

We hope that such additional tips will help make a trip to a beautiful country like China even more comfortable and unforgettable.