91 year old gymnast

German gymnast, included in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest active gymnast in the world.

At 91, this woman not only feels great and looks great, but also participates in gymnastics competitions.

It is worth noting that even young people will not be able to perform some of her exercises in her program.

Johanna Quaas was born in Germany on November 20, 1925, to a family of gymnasts, and began playing sports in early childhood. Unpromising in gymnastics, Joanna (Johanna) Kaas played handball as a child.

Most of the woman's life was associated with sports - she worked as a physical education teacher at school and as a coach. Joanna Kaas started doing gymnastics only at the age of 30 in order to keep her body in good shape.

Until the age of thirty, she performed in competitions, was educated at the University. Martin Luther Halle-Wittenberg and coached. She then trained coaches and co-authored a gymnastics textbook ("Gerätturnen").

At the age of 57, Kvaas resumed her gymnastic performances at veteran competitions. And he has been performing for almost 30 years!

In general, Joanna had time and succeeded in everything. And at the 87th year of life, world fame fell upon her. She became a YouTube star - her videos have gained millions of views.

She became a TV star - she is invited to various programs and shows around the world. The largest newspapers and Internet publications in the world write about it.

She was finally included in the Guinness Book of Records in the 2012 collection as the oldest active gymnast in the history of mankind.

Nowadays, this active and vigorous old woman performs unthinkable tricks on the uneven bars. Many young girls cannot replicate them!

The German woman is sure that old age is the best time for sports!