There is a question: how many eggs per week can (and should) be eaten

It is no coincidence that psychologists say that eating habits, like other routine tasks that give pleasure, can both set us up to work at the beginning of the day, and, if we are talking about dinner, provide complete relaxation in the evening. Can't imagine your morning without scrambled eggs? Welcome to the club. We will tell you how many eggs should be considered safe for health, and what to change to make your diet even healthier.

“It's perfectly normal for the average person to eat a dozen eggs a week, ” says international nutrition expert Keri Gans to Women’s Health. “But there are also some caveats. For example, I advise you to closely monitor the total amount of fat in your diet. "

So, if you eat an omelet from two eggs, adding only half a tomato and spices to it, this is good, but if you eat only an omelet with cheese, then the amount of saturated fat and the total calorie content of the diet instantly increase. The latter also applies to bacon, which, we cannot but agree, turns ordinary scrambled eggs into a truly luxurious dish in terms of taste. And, nevertheless, the danger of "overloading" the menu should not be forgotten.

It is also important that excluding the yolk from eggs will not make your dish healthier. Moreover, nutritionists have long argued that the cholesterol risks of this important component of the egg are greatly exaggerated. Recall again: yolks do increase cholesterol, but cholesterol that is considered good (= healthy).

In addition, all fat-soluble vitamins are contained in the yolk, so if you remove it, then along with the fats you will get rid of the nutritional value of the product yourself. Still opting for boring scrambled eggs? It's time to rethink this approach now.

Finally, keep in mind that the number of eggs in your diet is directly related to your particular nutritional system. One egg contains 80 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein. Which is why, if you're already getting enough protein and fat from other foods, a cheese omelette for breakfast isn't such a good idea. On the other hand, if your daily diet mainly consists of vegetables, then these proteins in the company of fat for breakfast will be very useful.