What makes us eat without measure

10th place: TV and kitchen are incompatible things. Anyone who has installed a TV in the kitchen becomes unable to control the amount of food consumed, being distracted by watching programs.

9th place: Those who watch fascinating tragedies eat 28% more than those who like to laugh.

8th place: Remove food from your eyes. One kind of food, or even colorful packaging (like cookies), makes us eat.

7th place: In order not to eat all the time, food should be difficult to access. Psychologists generally advise to dine in the living room, where there is no tempting refrigerator or treacherous vases of sweets. For the same reason, it is better to buy nuts and seeds unpeeled.

6th place: Storing food in containers, foil and cling film is useful not only for sanitary reasons. The more actions you need to take to get to the groceries, the fewer re-attempts to eat you will make.

5th place: Throw away the salad bowls and huge plates. Proven: The larger the shared cup, the larger your serving will be.

4th place: Do not eat from deep bowls. In them, a person, as a rule, cannot adequately assess the volume of his portion and takes more. Soup is best eaten from special cups.

3rd place: Learn to eat with chopsticks: it's harder, slower and less comfortable. And that is why it does not allow to overeat as much as with a spoon or fork.

2nd place: Don't buy different versions of the same product. As studies of American psychologists have shown, when there are several types of the same product in the refrigerator, its consumption on average increases by 23%.

1st place: Buy good bulbs. The quality of the lighting - as well as the outside temperature - greatly affects how much we eat. It has been proven that a person eats much less in bright light than in dim dim lighting. So, it is in your best interest to have a good chandelier where you eat, and choose a window seat in cafes and restaurants.