80 adopted children of Chinese Mother Teresa

A Chinese woman who has raised and continues to raise 80 adopted children in 22 years. She is even called the Chinese Mother Teresa, and most of the children from her makeshift orphanage are children with developmental disabilities who have no chance of adoption. Surprisingly, many years ago, Lee gave up her own healthy child for adoption in order to leave someone else's sick.

Li Yanping lives in the Chinese province of Shanxi (Yaopu village, Shanxi Province), and her fame goes all over the district, because over the past two decades, Li has already raised 80 abandoned children. More than 10 children live in her house today, despite the fact that Li Yanping's house is only 40 square meters. m. However, the point here, of course, is not at all in the area.

At 21, Li Yanping, who is in her fifties today, got married and had a baby shortly thereafter. It was an ordinary Chinese family, and the story of Chinese Mother Teresa began later, when in 1989, Li's husband found a thrown baby on the doorstep. Moreover, the child turned out to be unhealthy, and neither Li nor her husband could refuse him - they began to raise him as their own. Soon, the financial situation in the family became so threatening that Lee had to choose between her own child and her adopted child - two of him and her husband simply could not feed. That's when Lee made a choice for which some began to respect her, while others called her crazy. So, she sent her own child to an orphanage, reasoning that a healthy boy is much more likely to be adopted than a baby with physical disabilities.

As time went on, Lee and her husband soon adopted another unhealthy child, and then another, and then two, three ... The family's financial situation was never strong, and sometimes they barely made ends meet, but the children did not leave.

By now, Yanping calculated that in more than 20 years she had raised 80 children, and at the time Li's husband died, they had 13 children, many of whom were completely dependent on Li.

After the death of her husband, the income of the Yanping family fell by half, but Li still held on. She was helped by neighbors - with clothes, food and children's things. Later, she received some help from the state.

Li and her 13 adopted children live on the brink of poverty, the most valuable thing in her home is a 29-inch TV. Of the other electrical appliances, there is only a refrigerator, but Lee is not discouraged - she is thinking about how to give her adoptees a decent education.

Chinese Mother Teresa named Li Yanping is still confident that at the time she made the right choice, giving a weak child a chance to survive. Then she did not yet know that helping other people's children would eventually become the work of her whole life. However, today she cannot even imagine life without her children - she is ready for any sacrifice to open the way for little orphans to live.