10 most common hair myths

It is said that pregnant women should not comb their hair on Fridays. It is not recommended to wash or cut your hair before important events - for example, before taking an exam. It is believed that if a child is cut before the age of 7, then his mind is cut off. They also say that if you throw your hair out into the street, a bird will pick it up, make a nest and the person will have a headache. Well, isn't it nonsense? The most interesting thing is that these folk myths are often spread even by those people who should have the most professional approach to their hair and hairstyles. Moreover, their delusions are also professional. For example, one "specialist" told me that you can't go to bed with wet hair. From this they deteriorate ...

1. If you constantly trim the ends of your hair, it will grow stronger and grow better. Not! This is the hair on your head, not the lawn in front of your house. The myth most likely originated from men. They often shave, which makes the stubble harder and thicker. This does not take into account that the type of hair on the head and face of a person is different. The "quality" of your hair does not depend on how often you visit your hairdresser, but on how you care for it. Although sometimes it's just genetics: you can do everything for your hair and suffer from cutting and shedding, or you can do nothing and have beautiful and healthy hair.

2. Split ends can be repaired. Not true. Split ends need to be cut off as soon as possible, otherwise the hair will be chopped off even more and you will have to cut off not a couple of centimeters, but all ten.

3. A round brush for styling hair - brushing - can be used often, no harm. The opposite is true. Especially if you brush damp hair. Such a brush does the least harm to dry hair. Also pay attention to the base of the brush - if it is metal, try to find a brush with a wooden base or a combination - plastic teeth and bristles. The metal will create the effect of a hot curler and damage your hair once again.

4. "Hard" hats - the cause of baldness. Probably, this myth arose in wartime, then all young people drafted into the army had to constantly wear caps. Over time, most of them went bald or had thinning hair. Not true. It just coincides with the time when men, in principle, can begin to baldness and when they were called up for military service. The reason is dihydrotestosterone (the most active metabolite of the main male sex hormone - testosterone), and not caps or hats made of hard material.

5. You can turn gray overnight. No no. Probably, this myth came from fiction, where a similar technique was used to enhance the effect - in some horror, thriller or detective story. Of course, hair loses its pigmentation, but this happens gradually and not even over the weekend.

6. If you pull out one gray hair, two "normal" ones will grow back. No comment.

7. Baldness is inherited. And from the mother's side. Not true. Genetically, this trait can be transmitted from any side: maternal or paternal - it does not matter. Moreover, the bald spot is often transmitted through the generation. Probably noticed: grandfather and grandson are bald, dad - with thick hair. Men begin to lose their hair at the age of 18-20, and women - at 40-45.

8. Dandruff is caused by dry scalp, so you need to use a special anti-dandruff shampoo. In fact, you just need to use a good shampoo and conditioner that will moisturize and soften your scalp well. Anti-dandruff shampoo will only cause a fresh dose - that's right - dandruff. Which - right - oily, not dry. So what are we talking about?

9. Dandruff is contagious. No, the microorganisms that cause it already live with you, they just are not so active. On the other hand, there are a lot of unpleasant things that you can get with someone else's comb, so be careful.

10. Hair grows better, healthier and more beautiful when cut off at full moon. In fact, in our folklore there is a different opinion: in no case should this be done - the hair will grow very poorly. Anyway, if you mark such days on your calendar, then you can safely cut your hair into the growing moon and not have your hair cut into the waning one ... Anyway, this text was useless for you :).

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