It is quite possible to be fat, but in good shape!

Running up the stairs is exhausting but very healthy.

It is unlikely that it will be news to someone that sweets in the evenings harm the figure. But what could be news is the news that a chubby person on a treadmill can be in better shape than a skinny lover of couch relaxation.

Disputes on the topic "can you be complete and still stay in shape" have been going on for a long time and are far from over. However, and this is supported by research, overweight people may be healthier than lean people who do not exercise. Of course, such a statement cannot be applied indiscriminately to everyone. Even leaving aside the genetic factor that undoubtedly affects our health, there are many people who do not play sports, but are in excellent shape. As well as fat men with excellent medical indicators and no heart problems. Human nature is very diverse.

So when numerous programs and articles urge us to lose weight, they generally ignore a lot of information. Years of scientific research have shown over and over again that while a full body is far from ideal, exercise has a positive effect on health, regardless of weight. And sometimes this influence is large enough to overcome the negative effect of fatness.

Exercise is good for your health, period

This is evidenced by the results of numerous studies carried out over the past decade:

“For a large segment of overweight and obese people, the risk of premature death is not increased” (2011);

"Positive changes in the functioning of the body associated with a properly selected diet and exercise do not depend on the patient's weight" (2011);

“Physical activity has a positive effect on the performance of both normal and overweight people. The cardiovascular profile of active people with slight overweight does not differ from the profile of thin but inactive people ”(2014);

“The risk of premature mortality for inactive patients, regardless of norm / excess weight, significantly increases” (large-scale study of 2015);

“Mortality rates among overweight active people are the same and sometimes lower than inactive people with normal weight” (2015).

There is no doubt that being overweight is bad for you.

Of course, not all scientists are ultimately inclined to believe that "full, but in shape" is the norm. There are biological reasons why simply being overweight can negatively impact your health. Some studies suggest that fat cells in people who are significantly overweight are fundamentally different from those in normal people, although there are exceptions.

Excess fat in the waist area is especially harmful to health. The mortality rate among such people is significantly higher than among the thin ones, even if they have an average body mass index.

Undoubtedly, you can be complete and in good shape, although this is not ideal.

No one would argue that all other things being equal (such as proper nutrition and exercise), in general, slim people will be healthier than overweight people. The question is, will you experience better health by changing your diet and starting to exercise, even if the pounds are in no hurry to part with you. And the answer is definitely yes. So if you are discouraged about being overweight, you can warm yourself up with the thought that your health is improving, although outwardly this is not immediately noticeable. Losing weight is good, but gaining health is even better.