What do we know about love?

People of different nationalities differ from each other. They are separated by history, culture, language. But there is one thing that binds everyone, regardless of traditions and life path. What makes everyone happy. This is Love.

The children were asked the question: "What is love?" Their answers turned out to be wider and deeper than one might have expected. “God could have said magic words to remove the nails on the cross, but he didn't. This is Love". A touching statement by a child about God who loved people and gave them his only son to save the world. A 4-year-old boy became the winner. The child came to a neighbor whose wife had died and sat down on his lap. Later, the mother asked her son what he was doing there. "Nothing, " the baby replied, "I just helped him cry."

Many of us believe that love is a feeling that flares up spontaneously, like magic, when we meet their destiny half. And just as spontaneously, it can fade away as soon as the relationship is destroyed. It's no wonder many people are lonely. Their ideas of love are passive and helpless. Erich Fromm, an outstanding psychoanalyst and philosopher of the 20th century, noted in his famous treatise The Art of Love the sad consequence of this misconception. His studies of the nature of love showed that "love is an art, just like the art of living, " and this art requires responsibility, respect, knowledge and effort. What is the art of love? The ability to love is closely related to a person's relationship to the world in general, and not just to any particular object of love. According to Fromm, love is an orientation of character, a certain life position that forms a connection with the world. There are no fundamental differences between different types of love. Brotherly love is at the heart of all kinds of love. And the main sign of this love is the absence of exclusivity. Love is based on the feeling that all people are one. That we are all connected to each other by invisible threads of community.

In both faith and love, there is no vanity, no separation, no sense of superiority, no humiliation. The more mankind improves technically, the more psychic tension and the need for unity, complicity with other people increase. And in order to be truly happy in love, you must, first of all, want and seek this unity.

There was a time when it was enough to satisfy instincts to move forward. Struggle for survival, finding food, caring for reproduction were the basis of life. But a person grows along with progress, slowly, from century to century, revealing the essence and integrity of the world inherent in him. Progress changes not only the way of life, but also the thinking of each person. For example, compare us to a generation that lived a century ago. A huge gap in consciousness divides us. Now we need more than “bread and circuses”. Each of us wants to receive daily his portion of international information, to use the achievements of science and technology in life, to join world discoveries, to participate in the discussion of global planetary topics. Someone is actively fighting for the dolphins being exterminated on a distant continent, someone is signing a petition against the arbitrariness of a dictator who rules thousands of kilometers.

A Chinese parable tells about a young man who lived near the sea and was very fond of seagulls. In the morning at dawn, he walked to the coast and played with them. Hundreds of birds flew up to him, sat in his outstretched palms and, sticking around on all sides, did not leave him until he went home. His father, learning about his son's fun, asked to catch some birds for him. The next morning, when the young man came ashore, seagulls were flying in the sky, but none came down to him. The desire to please his father destroyed the young man's harmony with nature. Every phenomenon of life, every person is so closely connected with their environment that it is very difficult to draw a line between them.

When we love, we see only the most beautiful in the beloved. We accept him as he is. Love arises as a result of understanding the perfection of another person. How can this understanding arise? Everyone has a positive side. And if you concentrate on them, you can love anyone. "Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?"