Cleanliness ... as a Cause of Depression

Charles Raison of Emory University (USA) came to a funny conclusion: according to his hypothesis, the spread of depressive moods in society is associated with an increase in the level of cleanliness of the population, according to a press release from the university.

Raison decided to associate depression with purity based on the well-known fact that people who are in a depressed mental state are more susceptible to the development of inflammatory processes in the body.

At the same time, inflammatory processes are a consequence of a weakening of the immune system, which microorganisms that we encounter in everyday life help to "train" "endurance".

Thus, expelling microbes from our lives with the help of various disinfectants, we thereby lose their friendly participation in adapting us to the environment, and as a result we begin to suffer from various diseases, ranging from cancer to depression.

Experiments are currently underway to treat various diseases with the help of microorganisms.