What not to do on your birthday?

Very interesting signs in some way coinciding with reality.

Birthday Signs

From time immemorial, birthday has been given great importance, a magical meaning is attributed. It is not surprising that many signs are associated with it. And if you follow them, you can manage the events of the future, enlist good luck and bring happiness and success into life.

What to do on your birthday

Everyone knows the popular omen that as you meet the new year, you will spend it. But it turns out that this belief also applies to the birthday. It is at this time that the bookmark of your personal program for the coming year takes place.

Waking up on your birthday, tune in to good - this way you will become as open as possible to recharge the positive energy that the Higher Forces send to the birthday person on this day. It has great potential, the ability to restore a damaged energy shell. A good mood on this day can even remove the evil eye from you!

Conflicts, despondency, aggression are unacceptable. Negative emotions will block the flow of pure energy, and you will become especially vulnerable to black sorcery and energy vampires. Think only about the good, abstract from problems. What you project on your birthday on your life, you will attract.

If you are a believer, turn to prayer requests to God. They will certainly be heard by Him and fulfilled. A good mood and good mood on the day of birth are also important because, according to ancient signs, how a person meets this day - so he will spend the whole year until the next date.

Purchase new clothing and lingerie for the celebration ahead of time. Even if you are not gathering guests, dress up early and celebrate yourself at least symbolically! Do not wear old worn clothes - you will scare off your luck. Put money in the pocket of the outfit (if there are no pockets, sew it from the inside out) - so that they can be found all year round. And don't change until the end of the celebration, even if you get dirty!

Don'ts on birthday

Separately, you need to talk about what the birthday person should not do on his birthday.

You cannot celebrate your birthday in advance - it is believed that by doing this you shorten your life.

Do not borrow the day before your birthday and on the holiday itself (do not even ask your neighbor for salt, and even more so for money!). Otherwise, all year long you will be haunted by financial problems, troubles, troubles and conflicts at work.

Do not give alms and do not lend to anyone on their birthday - give away good luck and prosperity for the coming year.

If possible, refrain from communicating with the ill - there is a high risk of pulling on other people's sores. If this cannot be avoided, then put a silver product (any) in your pocket - it will strengthen your energy field that resists diseases.

The people you invite to your birthday also have an impact on your coming year. The celebration should not be attended by 9, 13, 18, 51, 21, 13, 99 or 100 guests. It is believed that such a number will bring trouble to the birthday man.

The same goes for the number of candles on the holiday table and cake. If your age coincides with one of the above numbers, you can get out of the situation by buying candles in the form of these numbers, or completely abandon candles.

On your birthday, the barrier between you and the subtle world and you becomes thinner, therefore you become especially susceptible to both good and bad. Therefore, you should not invite people with whom you do not have a very warm relationship, those whose intentions you doubt.

If someone broke the dishes on his birthday, he must say: "For luck!" You can only throw out the fragments the next day - so as not to take luck out of the house. The same goes for taking out the trash - it is better to postpone it until the next morning.

Birthday gifts

Gifts also play a magical role in the fate of the birthday person. Therefore, the signs concerning them are also important.

Count the number of flowers in the composition (if it is, for example, spray roses, count by the stems). It must be odd! Otherwise, take out one flower or discard the composition.

It is undesirable to give haberdashery and ceramic dishes (wallets, gloves, vases, etc.) - to troubles at work and financial problems. As a last resort, in order to "neutralize" such gifts, you need to put a coin in them. This can be done by both the giver and the birthday person.

A knife as a gift - conflicts in the family. The same applies to any piercing and cutting objects (needles, scissors, sabers, etc.). Don't give them away! And if you yourself get them as a birthday present, then you better get rid of them.

For a birthday person, pearls are tears, so do not present pearl-encrusted items. For the same reason, handkerchiefs should not be gifted. If you do receive such a present, you must soak it in holy water before using it.

The mirror is a corridor between two worlds, real and otherworldly. Since our energy field is very receptive on a birthday, a mirror received as a gift can play a fatal role in the fate of the birthday person. You can only look into it the next day!

Do not accept gifts from people in whose decency you are not sure - you may well receive a "surprise" in the form of damage or lining. If there is no way to refuse, taking a gift, read to yourself: "I take only what I see, and leave the invisible to yourself." And cross yourself mentally. And if you still doubt the intentions of the donor, then get rid of the gift.