Where is it better to live: are there cities on the planet where you don't have to pay for living?

We receive monthly payments with round sums. We have to pay sometimes prohibitive utility bills. Are there cities in the world where you don't have to fork out for accommodation? It turns out there is. In some places, not only do they not take a fee, but also pay extra for accommodation. Maybe you should ask them?

USA. In the vast territory of the United States, there are cities and entire regions that pay their residents to live there. So, the famous metropolis Detroit - once the capital of car production - after the crisis in this area has turned into a real den for criminals of various categories. The giant, with a population of one million, was deserted in a short time. However, the Detroit authorities are taking steps to recreate life on its territory. They came up with a proposal to pay 2-3 thousand dollars a month to specialists who will come and stay to work within the city.

Location next to Niagara Falls. The country's authorities invite everyone to settle at the waterfall itself. To attract the public, it offers a one-time payment of $ 7, 000. This option is only suitable for US citizens.

To live in the vastness of Nebraska, future settlers are motivated by the issuance of funds for the purchase of land and the construction of housing. You just need to introduce your own idea of ​​developing the region's infrastructure.

In Alaska, conditions are even simpler. You can live there absolutely comfortably, receiving $ 4 thousand per month per person. This money is allocated from the fund of the American government to those who live in the harsh climate of the peninsula for one year.


Canada. In the northern country of the American continent there is the town of Saskatchewan. Its name sounds like it is about Armenia or another neighboring country. This province in Canada, remote from large places, invites to live. To stimulate their future citizens, the state pays a subsidy of 20 thousand greenbacks there, but only if they have serious intentions: to live in the territory for at least 7 years, with such favorable conditions, questions about which country is better should not arise ..

Spain. In Europe, citizens are also expected for permanent residence. The village of Ponga is lost in the Spanish mountain valleys. In appearance, this cute area resembles a medieval settlement, as if taken from little-known versions of a popular fairy tale. But there are not enough young people here, and it loses perspective. Therefore, married couples are invited here, who are promised a payment of 3 thousand euros, and each child born in the village also receives the specified amount.

Holland. The situation here is slightly different. Settlers are not invited to the city of Utrecht. Local residents are simply paid 1, 000 euros every month - just like that. As the authorities explain, this experiment should show how people will spend their time free from professional duties at work.