Top best dog breeds for an apartment

Not all "dog lovers" in spirit manage to become them in life. After all, a dog, in addition to love, also needs space. And where to find this space if you live, for example, in a small apartment. However, this is not yet a reason to deny yourself a dream. It turns out that there are many special "apartment" breeds that can easily fit into your square meters.

Toy Terrier. Perhaps one of the most popular indoor dogs today. With its 2, 6 kg. this dog will grow up to only 26 cm. This breed does not require extra care, everything is according to the standard. Cleaning teeth, ears, eyes, hair. You need to walk a toy terrier, but it is also easy to get used to the tray. At the same time, the breed is intelligent and with character. It's easy to learn, but you need to start from childhood, otherwise you risk getting an overly spoiled animal.

Chihuahua will be next on our list. Like the one, the Chihuahua grows up to 2.5 kg. with a height of 22 cm. Caring for him is practically the same, with one exception. It should be combed more carefully and gently, since the coat is long and soft. The character of the dog is devoted, but jealous. When purchasing a Chihuahua, be prepared for the fact that this 22-centimeter owner will choose one owner for himself and will not only love and listen to him, but also be jealous, moreover.

Next up is the Yorkshire Terrier. This cheerful and sociable doggie reaches 22.5 cm, weighing up to 3 kg. It should be noted that another important advantage of this breed is its almost minimal molting. Which speaks of an absolute plus if there are allergies or asthmatics in the family. However, it was not without its drawbacks. With all its lively mind, the breed is very, very independent, so training your beloved pet can turn into a living hell. Also, this breed is extremely poorly tolerant of low temperatures. If you do not want to chill your pet, then you will have to dress him warmer.

Pekingese. No wonder this Chinese breed has been the privilege of the imperial family since ancient times. With its miniature height of 23 cm, the dog's weight reaches 6 kg. The character of the dog is soft, but peculiar. Easily attached to the owners, but also quite jealous of their attention. If you have children in your family, then you shouldn't start a Pekingese. Chances are good that the animal can become very jealous of you. But the elderly and lonely people - the very thing. The animal will bloom with love and affection, and will respond doubly to your attention. And one more thing: the Pekingese is extremely sensitive to hot weather. This breed can get sunstroke very easily.

And finally, the "chrysanthemum dog". Or, as they say in the Celestial Empire, Shih Tzu. This 8 kg baby is 28 cm tall. Very affectionate tame animal. And unlike his fellow Pekingese, he is very friendly with children. The thing is that attention is vital for this dog, like air. If you do not give it to her, then the Shih Tzu can begin a real depression. Care is usual: eyes, teeth, ears, claws and hair, which is also very soft, which means that you need to comb it carefully, but carefully.