What do we do best at every age?

To many, life seems to be a kind of descent from a wonderful youth to a feeble old age. However, this is not at all the case. A number of serious studies refute this point of view once and for all. There are many abilities that are maximized far from being young.

For example, adolescents have the greatest vitality, older people boast the most stable psyche. So, if you are already over 30, do not rush to sign up for old people - you managed to enjoy only half of all the pleasant surprises prepared for you! Moreover, this information was taken far from out of thin air: the data were obtained as a result of various scientific studies and experiments.

Of course, not all of them have a deep theoretical basis: when some are simple sociological polls, others are whole scientific works of certified psychologists. Interesting? Then make yourself comfortable: now we will find out what bonuses life has awarded us.

7 years is the most favorable age for learning a new language

Despite the fact that psychologists and educators have not yet reached a consensus on the most appropriate age for mastering a new language, the primary school age was unanimously recognized as favorable for this purpose. Another generally accepted fact is that you should start learning a new language before adolescence.

18 years of age - information processing speed and computational ability of the brain

Cognitive scientists argue that the "power" of our brains is easy to measure using a special test based on symbolic-numeric codes. The essence of this test boils down to the fact that first, you are given a list of characters, where each character is equated to a certain number. First, you are introduced to the list of numbers and symbols used, and then they are offered a sequence of numbers and asked to write these numbers in the form of their corresponding symbols.

Using this test, a team of researchers conducted a full-fledged experiment. As a result, it turned out that the average age of the people who showed the best results was 18. The results of this experiment were published quite recently - in 2016.

22 years old - ability to remember names

How often did you have to ask your new friend to introduce himself again? According to a 2010 study, these situations hardly ever occur in people around the age of 22.

23 years - the peak of female attractiveness and the highest degree of satisfaction with life

The question immediately arises: when does this “peak of attractiveness” occur in men? Despite the fact that women 23-30 years old tend to choose men 27-28 years old, in the vast majority of cases, age does not affect the attractiveness of men. But back to our topic. 23 years is a great age, especially for women, because in addition to general satisfaction with life, which peaks during this period, regardless of gender, women at the age of 23 seem to be the most attractive to men.

True, we cannot help but notice that this information is taken from the book "Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think Nobody Can See Us)". The book uses data obtained from the analysis of information provided by the online dating service “OKCupid”. The number of people who, willy-nilly, participated in this study is really quite large. However, it cannot be asserted with certainty that the statistics and conclusions presented there can be applied to all of humanity, because a qualitative focus group sample for the study was not carried out.

25 years old - muscle tone

It is at this age that your muscles delight you not only with their tone, but also with strength. It should be noted that they will remain in this state for another 10-15 years. Another nice thing is that the period of maximum muscle strength can be easily extended with regular exercise.

26 is the best time to settle down

Not so long ago, journalist Brian Christian and cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths came up with the so-called 37% rule, which boils down to the following: having studied 37% of possible options (it does not matter if we are talking about work, personal life or dresses in a store), we already have enough information. to make the final choice. So, according to this rule, by the age of 26 we have time to get acquainted with a sufficient number of potential partners. As a result, we can: firstly - define the requirements; and secondly, to choose the person with whom we would like to go hand in hand through life. Further evidence of this theory is the unrelenting statistics that divorce rates are lowest in couples who marry between the ages of 28 and 32.

28 years old - marathon time

If you analyze the results of all marathons over the past 50 years, you will see that the average age of the winners is 28 years.

30 Years Strongest Bones

It is at this age that we have the strongest bones. In this matter, time, alas, is inexorable: after 30 years, bone tissue gradually becomes more and more fragile. In the future, all we can do to improve the condition of our bones is to take vitamins and avoid fractures.

31 years old - chess

In one study aimed at studying age-related changes in thinking, scientists analyzed the success of 96 of the best grandmasters. As a result, it turned out that the most successful games were played by them at the age of 31.

32 years old - best memory for faces

These data were obtained as a result of laboratory research. During the experiment, volunteers were shown photographs of strangers for one second, and then checked how many faces they managed to remember. Best of all, people with an average age of 32 years coped with the task. Yeah .. It's a pity that having recognized a person whom we have not seen for a hundred years, we most likely have to clarify his name, because the memory for names is no longer as good as at 22.

40 years old - Nobel Prize awaits you

The British National Bureau of Economic Research has deduced the average age at which people make discoveries, for which they are subsequently awarded the Nobel Prize. As you might have guessed, this age is 40 years. If you suddenly realize that you don't have time to make a discovery before 40, it's okay: the authors of the study argue that there are enough winners significantly over 40 in the history of the award.

39/48 years - highest salary

Most recently, Forbes magazine published a study according to which women achieve the highest salary in their entire life at the age of 39. Whereas men earn the most at the age of 48.

40 - 50 years - understanding the emotions of others

More than 10, 000 volunteers took part in this study. Participants were shown photographs of people experiencing certain emotions. Interestingly, only the eyes were cut out of the whole portrait. Thus, the participants had to identify the emotion by looking only at the image of a person's eyes. People who have reached 40-50 years old showed the best results.

50 years - the peak of the development of arithmetic skills

Of course, we all study arithmetic in school. But for some reason, people in their 50s are better at solving arithmetic problems than subjects of other ages.

69 years - and again we came to the peak of satisfaction with our own life

It seems it already happened? Indeed, at 23 we already felt an unprecedented joy from our own existence. Closer to 60, we begin to enjoy life again, more than before. Moreover, the degree of satisfaction in people at 55 is noticeably lower than in people at 60, and so on.

Near 70 years of age - the largest vocabulary

It may sound surprising, but a 2015 study in America found that people aged 60-70 performed the best on vocabulary tests. Well, this has its own logic: the longer we live, the richer our communication experience. It is also especially pleasing that we do not have to spend our whole life reading dictionaries in order for our vocabulary to constantly increase.

70 years - satisfaction with their appearance

Oddly enough, men and women between the ages of 70 and 80 are satisfied with their bodies. Most of the older participants in the experiment showed greater satisfaction with their appearance than those who were significantly younger.

82 years - harmony with oneself

A simple social survey was conducted in 2010. Participants of different ages were offered a drawing of a staircase with 10 steps. The bottom rung marked the worst period of life, and the top one the best. The participants had to say which step they are on at the moment. People aged 82-85 have set the highest marks.

Wisdom comes with age

In 2010, a group of sociologists began to study the behavior of people in conflicts. The volunteers were divided into age groups. They were asked to read a description of a certain conflict situation, and then asked questions aimed at identifying their relationship to what they read. For example, researchers studied a person's ability to look at a problem through the eyes of another, change his mind, the ability to take into account different turns of events, admit his own insecurity and search for a compromise. As a result, the oldest group (from 60 to 90 years old) bypassed the younger in all respects.

Magic number 9

Another interesting fact about age: most of the important decisions that entail major changes in life, people make at an age containing the number 9: 29, 39 and so on. Moreover, these decisions can be both right and wrong.

Now you know that life does not end at 30, 40, or even 50, but quite the opposite - it prepares all new surprises and achievements. All that is required of us is to use the opportunities provided to us to the fullest.