Five unexpected signs of a great mind

Do you have a mess on your table and stay up late? Congratulations - you seem to be smart! What other signs of high intelligence are there?

Some positive character traits and correct inclinations do not always speak of high intelligence. Scientists assure that bad habits can also indicate the presence of more "gray matter" in you than in peers.

So, here are five unexpected signs of a great mind:

1. You have a permanent mess on your desktop

Of course, the bosses love those whose desk sparkles with cleanliness. A computer, a notebook and a pen with a telephone - nothing more! But it turns out that employees who have a mess on the table work much more efficiently on the exhaust. Why? Because a lot of objects around lead to clarity of thinking - at least, researchers from the University of Groningen are sure of this. They conducted a whole series of studies. And we came to the conclusion that people actually think more clearly when there is chaos around them.

The visual clutter forced the participants in the experiment to focus, search for solutions faster - moreover, the most original and effective ones.

By the way, history confirms: both Albert Einstein and the writer Roald Dahl (author of the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and many others) always had a terrible mess on their desktop.

- A cluttered workplace is not as scary and bad as it might seem, the researchers assure. - No, the mess increases the potential of employees in solving complex problems.

2. You swear and tease others

Swearing is not necessarily obscene. Even better without using strong words. You can make people mad with completely harmless remarks. Harmless, however, only at first glance. The researchers found that people who often swear or, as it is also called, "troll" colleagues and acquaintances, have a larger vocabulary than their peers.

- "Sharp tongue" is unusual for the lazy and poorly educated. Rather, the opposite is true, according to a study published in the journal Language Sciences. And those who masterfully use swear words can give clear and capacious definitions in any spheres of life: that is, they can think soberly.

So psychologists Christine and Timothy Jay from the Massachusetts Institute have confirmed: the ability to swear speaks of a quick reaction and developed imagination.

3. You stay up late

Night owls are smarter than those who go to bed early - and there was also research on this topic - back in 2009. And as a result, it was possible to prove that "owls" think faster than "larks" (although, of course, there is a suspicion that this study was carried out by those who themselves like to lie in bed in the morning: so that they would not be considered sloths).

In addition, they somehow managed to prove that night owls are not only smarter, but also richer than those who get up early.

However, this statement is still worth arguing with. For example, Donald Trump, the billionaire-turned-president of the United States, gets up at 5 a.m. every day.

4. You are often anxious

People who worry a lot are more intelligent than those who are always “calm like elephants, ” according to a study published last year.

“Our experiments have shown that people who are often worried, thinking about possible difficulties in the future, who sort out something negative in their memory over and over again, have a more subtle mind, ” says Dr. Alex Penny from Lakehead University in Ontario. “But at the same time, wise people do not think about the experienced emotions, but about the conclusions that can be drawn from the past and used in the future.

5. You don't consider yourself too smart

This is called the Dunning-Kruger effect - or why the fool is always smarter. The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias, which is that "people with a low skill level make erroneous conclusions and make bad decisions, but are unable to recognize their mistakes due to their low skill level." That is, only a fool never feels like a fool. If at least sometimes you doubt your intellectual abilities, if you are not ashamed to ask stupid questions in order to understand the essence of things, then most likely you are an intelligent person. And ignorant people are often more self-confident, the study says.

6.You have a good sense of humor

Do you know how to make you laugh? This is also a sign of intelligence. It is scientifically proven that people with a good sense of humor are more sexually attractive because humor shows intelligence, creativity, and other "good genes."

It seems that Zhvanetsky spoke about this.