Manta Resort - an unusual hotel with an underwater room

In the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, 300 meters from the shores of the African island of Pemba, a unique hotel room with an unusual underwater room drifts. The floating suite, securely anchored in the vast expanse of water, belongs to the land-based The Manta Resort in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The small structure is part of a project by Swedish designer Mikael Genberg called Genberg Underwater Hotels. An unusual hotel in Africa is the second underwater brainchild of a creative architect.

Floating room with an underwater bedroom has three levels. The first deck, constructed from local hardwoods, lies at sea level and offers a living room and bathroom. From here, a staircase leads to the next level - to the roof of the structure, where a recreation area is equipped, where you can sunbathe, enjoy the endless ocean expanses or admire the starry sky at night. The third level - underwater - is four meters below the surface of the water. Here guests will find a room with a double bed and huge windows overlooking the open sea and demonstrating all the splendor and wealth of the underwater world. Outside the bedroom window, which offers a 360 ° view, you can see clear turquoise water, colorful corals, schools of exotic fish, and sometimes even the faces of scuba divers.

At night, when the hotel is illuminated by underwater floodlights to attract marine life, octopuses, squid, swallow fish and other tropical sea creatures can be seen here, which will definitely drop by to visit the unusual object located in their kingdom.

An individual floating "island" offering sunbathing and pleasant evenings under the stars on the upper deck, dining in the dining room surrounded by the water surface, swimming in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean and sleeping in the underwater bedroom is available to everyone for $ 1, 500 per night.