Tunnel of love at different times of the year (Klevan, Ukraine)

In the Ukrainian town of Klevan there is a very romantic place called "Tunnel of Love". The abandoned railway, over which the trees have closed, looks like a portal to a parallel fairy world. The mystery is added by the fact that not everyone who is looking for this place finds it. The atmosphere of the tunnel invites you to stroll unhurriedly, hand in hand, share secrets and confess your love. Among the local population, a belief has become established that the wishes made here by lovers will certainly come true. The tunnel has gained particular popularity among newlyweds who come here not only to make a wish, but also to make beautiful wedding photos as a keepsake. The best time to visit the Tunnel of Love is mid-summer and golden autumn. In winter, it is better to go to the tunnel after a snowfall, while the trees are still dressed in snow-white clothes.

You can get to Klevan by the "Rivne - Lutsk" highway or by the "Rovno - Kovel" railway (to the Klevan station).