The main quality of an ideal wife

Passionate, beautiful, smart, excellent cook? Not. To find out the main criterion of an ideal wife, I conducted a survey: three dozen men told what they lack in their marriage. The results turned out to be interesting, the most important quality chosen by men is that women do not consider it important at all!

Someone complained that the spouse was not wearing a dress and was no longer sexy. Someone blamed that she was not interested in a career, and the housewife became bored with him. Someone talked about sex, or rather, about his absence in marriage. Another said that after work neither his head nor his hands really work, but his wife does not believe it - she thinks that he has been sorting through pieces of paper all day. She, apparently, does not know that it is possible to think, figure and decide at work just to the point of nausea and failure of the life system, even if you just seem to be sitting in one place.

But these are all small things. The main thing that all men agreed on (disturbing music should sound here) is “she pays little attention to me!”. Funny, is not it? After all, this phrase is more common to hear from women. What did they mean?

For example, spending an evening or weekend together is not “going shopping, dismantling a balcony, cleaning up”. This does not solve the next household chores and problems. This is not a construction site in the country, not to go to my mother, not to buy a scooter for the children and further down the list, year after year, albeit together, but what does the rest have to do with it? What's on him? What does the attention have to do with it? Household stuff is solid - that's what all the men complained about.

It seems that I have not reached the Zen of an ideal wife, and I also strive with Sasha to the construction site on weekends for a new heated towel rail, and not looking for a "nice hotel for two to change the situation." But, damn it, how could it be otherwise? After all, cases are piling up and someone has to nail the shelf.