How much sleep do you need to feel good?

After much research, it became obvious that the healthiest people can be considered who usually sleep 6, 5-7, 5 hours. They have the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease and mortality. For those who sleep less than 4.5 hours, life expectancy is reduced by an average of 1.6 times. As observations have shown, it is even more dangerous to sleep regularly for more than 9, 5 hours - this shortens life by 1, 7-1, 9 times.

The pattern has been identified, but scientists have not yet undertaken to explain why it happens this way. If with too short sleep everything is more or less clear - from insufficient rest the body wears out faster, then the reasons for the high mortality rate among inveterate sleepyheads remain a mystery. Perhaps we are talking about feedback - those who are not all right with their health sleep too much.

At the same time, doctors remind that they cannot give universal recommendations on the duration of sleep. It is only about the time necessary and sufficient for most people. Each person has their own optimal sleep duration, depending on the lifestyle, occupation, health status and even the climate of the country in which he lives.