Bird's Nest Tree Restaurant, Thailand

On the shores of the picturesque Thai island of Koh Kood, there is a luxurious resort center Soneva Kiri, which has become famous all over the world for its unusual restaurant Treepod Dining, popularly called the "Bird's Nest". The institution provides its visitors with a unique opportunity to taste exotic Thai dishes in a kind of "nest" nestled in a tree at a five-meter height.

The basket, woven from sturdy rattan stalks, is designed for only four people. The guests take their places at the bird's nest table on the ground, after which, with the help of a special winch mechanism, the wicker booth rises several meters above the ground level into the arms of tropical greenery and is fixed in the place designated for it. Even before getting up, the head waiter of the restaurant asks you to fasten your seat belts, then the platform slowly slides up. From a bird's eye view, a breathtaking view of the rainforest, the boulder-covered coastline and the azure sea stretching to the horizon opens up, while surprised squirrels or fluttering colorful butterflies running past will undoubtedly make a meal at Treepod Dining one of the most vivid impressions of a Koh Kood holiday. The only thing that can distract from the sight of the surrounding beauties is the noise that the leaves of the trees, fanned by the wind, emit.

Particularly noteworthy is a very unusual service process in the restaurant: waiters deliver orders by cableways, maneuvering between trees, like real acrobats. In case the guests wish to order something else, the waiters are located a few meters from the table, on a special inconspicuous platform. When recruiting personnel for a restaurant, first of all, dexterity and athletic qualities of the applicant are taken into account, because it is not an easy task to perform acrobatic stunts with ordered dishes in your hands.

The restaurant's menu consists of dishes whose names relate to the theme of the jungle and are quite consistent with the spirit of the institution, for example, "Picnic Basket", "Gifts of the Forest" or "Canapes in the Crown of a Tree". Unsurprisingly, this organic restaurant, built entirely from natural wood, uses ingredients from Soneva Kiri's own organic gardens and gardens to make most of the exotic dishes.

The development and implementation of the project was managed by the architectural bureau 24h Architects. Treepod Dining, Louis Thompson and Olaf Bruin from the agency, note: “It took us two and a half years to design and implement our architectural ideas, and we are delighted to see how highly our guests appreciate our creation. Even people who are afraid of heights are delighted with his visit. We are especially proud that we managed to avoid the use of bolts and nails during the construction of the structure, so that no wood was damaged. We were very inspired by the work on Treepod Dining and are planning to create other projects using the same hanging concept used in this restaurant. And in the near future, all guests who are jealous of the "flying waiters" serving them will be able to get to the restaurant on the same steel cable, speeding through the thickets of the tropical jungle. "